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'Learning By Doing' - The smartest way to get started with Blockchain and Web

TRUE Original Documents has helped institutions, corporations and government agencies start using and evaluating blockchain, by integrating our custom platform for blockchain-secured official documents. 

Below in this article we get deeper into our most public project, which led to a government assignment for Bolagsverket (the Swedish Companies Registration Office).

At TRUE we believe in ‘learning by doing’ and deliver a tangible document-solution, fully branded, capable of incorporating the use of several different blockchains. We believe this is a very efficient way to transfer knowledge about this new technology. When organisations create instead of using theoretical concepts, the learning is undeniable. 

TRUE offer a real-world-application for your organisation, coupled with true insights, by working with our experts in Web3 & Blockchain.

Besides The Swedish Companies Registration Office, TRUE’s customers include Skanska, RISE, EY, Berghs School of Communication, IHM Business School, Almega, Universum, plus almost one hundred other companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and UK.

Some of our clients simply incorporate our technology to get the advantages of fully digital documents, while others work closely with us to learn about the new possibilities of utilising blockchain. They develop an understanding which can be transferred within their organizations, and help decide if and how, they should invest further into this groundbreaking new technology.

The advantages of moving official documents from regular PDF’s or paper, to TRUE’s fully digital solution are several – and profound.

Here are the main advantages:
  • Saved Time & Cost (by automatic document creation and distribution of documents).
  • New Web-Traffic (by turning recipients into ambassadors).
  • Build Trust (with documents which cannot be falsified).
  • Added Value for Recipients (by issuing documents which are impossible to loose, destroy or falsify. Plus, these documents are always available, they are animated and look better than ever did before ).

The benefits described above have been created for companies in a range of industries. TRUE’s technology has been used to issue documents like; Awards, Certificates, Diplomas, Transcripts, Licenses, Badges, and several other Proofs of Authenticity. The companies issuing these documents operate in a variety of markets including Education, Finance, Security, Entertainment, Accounting, Construction, Production, as well as Non Profit sectors.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office issued 'Certificates of Registration' for Corporations

Business Case: The Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket)

  1. Why did The Swedish Companies Registration Office procure the services of TRUE Original?
    To build a functioning technical solution for the concept “Proof of Business”; A blockchain-secured infrastructure for connecting official documents such as Certificates/Proofs/Company Registrations – for companies in Sweden.
    TRUE was selected to shape the concept because they possess a fully developed technical infrastructure for the desired solution, with a large degree of innovative elements and design. They offer digital originals such as: Documents/Certificates/Awards/Proofs/Emblems. In addition, they are the only company that have been identified within the nation that can provide a customized solution that can be verified in a test by the end of summer 2021, which was important for the continuation of the project.

  2. Why was blockchain important for the project?
    The technology of the solution, blockchain, was important to The Companies Registration Office, because it breaks the dependence on individual, centralized and trusted parties (such as government agencies, municipalities, or banks). The technology enables the transfer of trust from an owner or agency to the distributed database/ledger that the blockchain constitutes – as such it becomes fully transparent, fully traceable and makes manipulation of its content impossible.

  3. Deliverables by TRUE over the course of the 4-month project:
    • Solution: a technically feasible and tested concept of a possible public-service-solution, where company information can be verified in real time by stakeholders, via blockchain technology.
    • Design: planned so that registered companies feel that they own their information on the blockchain, and can have their information verified by any stakeholders, municipalities or authorities, as well as share information with whom they want. The companies can also add company information to their company-profiles.
    • Integration: an API was created to transfer verified company information between TRUE and Bolagsverket. The data stored/displayed in the solution must not contain personal information. Starting point is Certificates of Registration, excluding personal information.
    • Communication: TRUE helped hold dialogue with outside stakeholders (company and municipality personnel who was asked to give feedback on the concept).
    • Interoperability: solution can be converted into a so-called “white label”-solution.
    • Education/Training: TRUE were available to educate stakeholders on the components/architecture for building the blockchain solution, and to explain requirements to connect the solution to blockchain. TRUE were also available for planning and conversations about further development and general info about blockchain and the digitization of documents.
    • Presentation: On October 8, 2021, The Swedish Companies Registration Office and TRUE held a live presentation at the yearly Innovation Week, a 5-day nationwide Summit dedicated to innovation by the public sector in Sweden. Video Presentation (in Swedish)
    • Press: Dagens Industri (the biggest Swedish Business Magazine) was once of several magazines which wrote about the project (translated to English here):

Berghs School of Communication issue blockchain-secured certificates, diplomas & transcripts using TRUE.

So, how can my organisation get started with Blockchain and Web3?

After having worked with close to 100 different companies in various industries we believe that if your company is looking to learn about Blockchain, the best way to do so is by incorporating the technology in your own operations. Start small, evaluate, and grow. And start with something tangible and easily understood, such as official documents.

Together, we set goals from the following metrics – and work together throughout a year to achieve them:

  • Save time
  • Save cost
  • Increased web-traffic
  • Build trust
  • More communication with Recipients
  • Create documents which are more liked by Recipients

What do you get by working with TRUE?

MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Fully branded, blockchain-secured, and verifiable documents, used for all types of official proofs.

NEW INSIGHTS: TRUE Original Documents cannot be lost, stolen, or falsified. They create a new type of statistics, teachable insights – as well as saved time.

EDUCATION: Book session with our experts. Discuss the many possibilities of Web3 and Blockchain.

THE FUTURE: Imagine your own animated and secure proofs which let you see when, where and how your official documents are being used; including how often they are looked at, where they are shared, how often they are verified as authentic, or downloaded and printed.

What would your organisation do with this new knowledge?

Contact us today to set up a discovery call to evaluate if TRUE is right for your organisation. We love to learn about the challenges and opportunities you face! 

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