Kristian Schmidt

ART - Certificate of Authenticity - Authentication of physical objects.

Protecting Authenticity

FOR artWORK, and physical objects in general
Kristian Schmidt offering Limited Editions Prints

For the first time, Kristian offers smaller size prints from his amazing photographs. The prints are subsequent limited editions, with 100 prints of each photograph.

They are signed by Kristian and comes with an immutable Certificate of Authenticity by TRUE. Sizes are 80x60cm / 23.5 inches x 31.5 inches.

Through his photographic projects capturing wildlife, Kristian has become active in wildlife conservation and awareness. His projects aim to protect endangered species and raise awareness on the growing illegal trade of animal and sea-life poaching. These projects include; his ‘Whale Shark Series‘, a documentary in Kenya with Yao Ming, collaborative wildlife photo shoots with charities such as Virgin Unite and WildAid, and a series of PSA’s on the consequences of the ivory trade with Prince William, Richard Branson and David Beckham.

For the first time, Kristian and his team wanted to make his art more accessible to the public, but when doing so, they also wanted to ensure that his photos would not be copied and plagiarized. TRUE helped create Certificates of Authenticity which prevent forgeries, and give Kristian access to those who bought his art second-hand.

kristianschmidt elephant photo

Certificates of Authenticity features

People love their art and happily show their new favorite peace, especially when given such an easily sharable image. With one click it can be shared to social networks, grabbing attention from friends and acquaintances.

The TrueCrt system can easily add a ‘badge’, which can act like a small representation of the certificate. The badge can be printed and put it on the back of a photo or painting, thus connecting the online certificate with the physical art. It can also be put next to a piece during an exhibition. When scanned with a smartphone-camera the art is verified as authentic and the views can read and learn about the artist and his work.

The TrueCrt system allows for an owner to transfer the ownership. The transfer is logged and the history of owners can always be traced, creating a unique history for each artwork. And, the artist gets the contact info of each owner.