Swedish Anti-Theft Association

Stöldskyddsföreningen (SSF) is breaking new ground with digital Certificates and Diplomas.

Swedish Anti-Theft Association (SSF)

Stöldskyddsföreningen (SSF) has launched a new way to secure and verify its Diplomas and Certificates.

The purpose is to increase the Security and the Value of these documents. Workplace Safety is becoming increasingly important for all organizations, and this definitely applies to recruitment and the vetting of new employees.

For more than 50 years, SSF (Swedish Theft-Prevention Agency) has conducted Security Education that provides practical tools for individuals to create a safe and secure workplace. Now the participants will get a modern, digital proof of their education at SSF.

The Diploma is based on a secure document method offered by TRUE, using blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized database with many connecting nodes, which makes it near impossible to manipulate the data stored within.

The technology allows recipients of the diplomas to post them on social networks such as LinkedIn, linking it to the TRUE original which can be verified as authentic. SSF’s first diploma to utilize the technology is for those who have completed the training as Certified Security Manager, an important group of managers who needs to be able to strengthen and confirm their security competence. Through TRUE and SSF, security managers can reliably show that they have completed the training as Certified Security Manager at the SSF Anti-Theft Association.

How SSF secures Diplomas and Certificates with TRUE Original Documents

SSF (Swedish Theft-Prevention Agency) is an independent non-profit association that since 1934 works for a safer Swedish society. The Agency offers Sweden’s widest range of training within security. With a vision of continuously create a safer society, SSF is now conducting an intensive digitization work, both of its services and trainings, as well as internal working methods. Today’s digital threats, however, means that this work is not without challenges.

The exponential increase in digitalisation in recent years has meant new conditions for most people. The proportion of people who work and study from home has increased sharply and our society has been forced to adapt and meet new needs. For this reason, SSF began an extensive digital investment, in order to be able to offer educations online.

– We offer extensive training in Security to our customers both physically and digitally. However, the transition to increased digitalisation place a high demand on online safety. It has been particularly important for us to be able to ensure that our Proofs of Training, in the form of Certificates and Diplomas, are correct, explains Maria Dahlstedt, program manager for security training at SSF.

Perfect for Marketing – to build attention for Security

Diplomas issued after completing education are valuable documents both for those who want to develop in their existing role, for those who seek new challenges and for companies that want to invest in their employees, and seek new talent. Paper documents are difficult to share, relatively easy to forge and even easier to lose, which meant that SSF immediately saw the benefit of TRUE Original Documents’ unique authentication solution with blockchain for digital documents – impossible to forge, impossible to destroy and impossible to lose. This is thus a perfect tool, which provides a clear competitive advantage both in wage negotiations and job changes.

– For Diplomas to really be used, the authenticity of them needs to be verifiable. With TRUE, we can offer our customers a safe and secure way to market themselves and show their skills in various channels, while enabling employers and recruiters to easily check the authenticity of the Diploma, says Natalie Forslind, Growth Marketer at SSF.

Strengthens Brand and Trust

At present, it is the Diploma programs Security Manager and Security Coordinator are certified via TRUE. Natalie and Maria have already noticed a clear interest from both current and former training participants in getting their new digital diplomas.

– It is of course a very fun development; the more people who share their accomplishment, regardless of channel, the more our Brand is strengthened, and we build Trust in our offer, since the alumni are the ones sharing the diplomas. It shows that we are among the best, at the forefront of development in security. It also proves that we are a modern organisation, with modern tools, they conclude.

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