Swedish Anti-Theft Association

Swedish Anti-Theft Association

Swedish Anti-Theft Association (Stöldskyddsföreningen) is breaking new ground with digital certificates of authenticity

The Swedish Anti-Theft Association (SSF) launched a new way to verify its diplomas and certificates. The purpose is to increase the security and value of these valuable documents. Safety on the workplace is becoming increasingly important for all organizations, and this definitely applies recruitment and the vetting of new employees.

For more than 50 years, the Swedish Anti-Theft Association (SSF) has conducted security education that provides practical tools for individuals to create a safe and secure workplace. Now the participants will get a modern, digital as proof of their education at SSF. The diploma is based on a secure blockchain method offered by TRUE. Blockchain is a decentralized database with many, many connecting nodes, which makes it near impossible to manipulate the data stored within.

The technology allows recipients of the diplomas to post them on social networks such as LinkedIn, linking it to the TRUE original which can be verified as authentic. SSF’s first diploma to utilize the technology is for those who have completed the training as Certified Security Manager, an important group of managers who needs to be able to strengthen and confirm their security competence. Through TRUE and SSF, security managers can reliably show that they have completed the training as Certified Security Manager at the SSF Anti-Theft Association.



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