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Six industry experts predict the future threats in digital forgery

AI, deepfakes, and document fraud — we’ve asked experts what they believe are the most worrying security threats in coming months, and years. Be Aware. These insights can save your organisation time, money and valuable infrastructure. Meet the experts: Jan

5 of the most famous FRAUDS of all time

While fraud cases are serious matters with significant consequences, there have been some instances that could be considered amusing due to their unusual nature or the audacity of the perpetrators, with instances that defy common sense and leave us scratching

Activate Ambassador Marketing using TRUE digital credentials

‘Ambassador Marketing’ is sometimes referred to as ‘Influencer Marketing’ or ‘Brand Advocacy’. It is a marketing strategy where individuals promote a company’s products or services to their audience. It’s a risky business with lots of potential pitfalls, but at TRUE


Giva Sverige is an organization based in Sweden that works to promote and support philanthropy throughout the nation. Their mission is to increase the level of private giving, as well as engagement, in charitable activities in Sweden. Giva Sverige acts

Attention worth well over 25,000 $ -by upgrading to secure digital Certificates

Styrelseakademien, established in 1991, is an independent non-profit association that has become Sweden’s leading platform for the professional development of owners, board members, and corporate executives. With over 8,000 members, Styrelseakademien is the second-largest board institute in Europe, fostering a

Atea, Microsoft and AI Sweden organize AI-Hackathon – to strengthen Swedish welfare

May 16th, at Microsoft’s office in Stockholm, municipal employees from across the country are invited to explore ways to utilize the potential of next-generation AI; to solve problems and strengthen national welfare. Winners will receive Awards issued using TRUE’s technology

Nod Coding Bootcamp: Empowering Autonomous Coders with TRUE Secured Certificates

Nod Coding Bootcamp was founded in 2020 at Norrsken Foundation in Stockholm, and has rapidly established itself as a leading institution for its immersive 10-week Data Analytics Bootcamp.  Students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities learn Python, SQL, and applied Machine

Corporate fraud infiltrate companies of all sizes. Are you next?

Corporate fraud is growing into a multi-billion dollar problem. Half of all companies experience fraud, ranging from document fraud to phishing attacks. The problem is here, and expected to grow. Here’s what you need to know, and how to avoid

Universum automatically distributes over 10,000 Diplomas per year with TRUE

Universum, a world-leader within Employer Branding For over 30 years, Universum has been a trusted partner of many of the world’s best-known employers. As a result, their data, insights and guidance have shaped Employer Branding and assisted companies from around

Trends in Learning & Development

5 trends to keep you relevant in Learning & Development

Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate right now, with immersive learning opportunities within the Metaverse, Blockchain, AI and Nanolearning. These 5 disciplines will help you stay competitive in the quick-paced educational environment, and we think they’ll continue to change

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