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Diploma Design Templates

Diploma Design Templates

Examples of document-designs from TRUE.
The secure digital documents can have 1, or multiple pages + Badge. Issued them in bulk, or on Request.
Scroll to see examples of beautifully animated (and fully secure) Diplomas, Certificates, Memberships, Licenses and Awards.

FEI is one of the most established providers of business education in Sweden. In addition to our courses in Swedish, FEI in collaboration with Coventry University offers a range of Top-up degrees conducted in English, leading to a Bachelor’s degree. FEI has campuses in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö och Alicante, (Spain).

They issue a variety of Diplomas, Certificates, Transcripts and Admission Certificates using TRUE.

Developers Day is a unique gala taking place in Stockholm, aimed at honoring developers and individuals in tech; people who are heroes within the Swedish technology industry.

Awards are issued with TRUE’s plattform for secure documentation.

DI Akademi is part of Bonnier Akademi, a leading organisation of courses, targeting executives and decision-makers in Business as well as Public Sectors in the Nordics.

In total, Bonnier offer about 150 different training programs and organize 500 course sessions per year. All Diplomas and Certificates are issued with TRUE.

The world’s leading Hotel Safety and Security Certification Company. Safe Hotels issue Covid Clean Certificates and 3 different categories of Safety Certificates; for government and highend travellers who are serious about safety when visiting new places. 

4 types of certificates are issued using TRUE’s technology for secure documentation. 

OneMore Secure‘s Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) is a Saas service for a Secure Supply Chain, you get an effective tool to secure your supply chain and an automatic process for follow-up and reporting.

Companies working to improve data security with OneMore Secure receive an animated Cyber Hygiene Certificates using TRUE.

The Swedish Academy of Board Directors (Styrelseakademien) is a non-profit membership organisation aimed at improving Corporate Governance in Sweden. They have more than 8 000 members, and consist of 16 regional member associations. 

All Diplomas and Certificates are issued using TRUE Original Document’s technology.

Every year, more than 10,000 people learn a new job with YA Academy, a Vocational College. YA collaborate with companies, and train individuals for jobs where there is a lack of staff.

All Diplomas, Course Certificates and Transcripts are issued with the technology offered by TRUE.

Kompetenstjänst provide education to employees and Elected Representatives in Municipalities, County Councils/Regions, as well as State Authorities.

Their Diplomas and Course Certificates are issued using TRUE.

GVK (The Swedish Flooring Trade Association) is a foundation consisting of organisations and companies working on a National Level towards the common goal of reducing water damage in buildings. 

They issue Certificates with TRUE, to all Licensed builders and companies in Sweden; who are authorised to do this type of construction. The certificates can be Revoked or set to Pending; all to help ensure Quality Control.

Award-winning Photographer & Director Kristian Schmidt has developed a unique style that focuses on the use of dramatic juxtaposition and opposites to create stunning and enigmatic images.

For the first time, Kristian offered smaller prints from his amazing photographs. The prints are subsequent limited editions, only 100 of each print. They are signed by Kristian Schmidt and comes with an immutable Certificate of Authenticity by TRUE.

Bank of Georgia unites 6 thousand employees and 2,5 Million customers.  They also offer extensive Business Courses to thousands of people yearly. 

All who finish a course get a secure and verifiable Certificate issued using TRUE. 

BodyFight offer trainings in Health & Wellness; in Spain, Sweden and the UK. 

Certified Personal Trainers get an international License, issued with technology by TRUE (featuring a video in the background).

What will you gain from working with TRUE?

Save time, increase traffic and insights and build trust, by upgrading to blockchain secured diplomas and course certificates, which are loved by recipients and always verifiably authentic.

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To know that every diploma, certificate and transcript is secure and verifiable creates a whole new level of trust for your school, company or institution.

Beautifully Animated
Always Accessible

There is no other platform on the market which will allow you brand to stand out in the way that TRUE does. Design on your own, or ask for our help.

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There has never been a better way to automatically create, issue and store official documents.
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TRUE offer University educated support staff from Sweden. Our goals is not only help you, but to make it fun to work with us.