Vaccine passes are easily falsified –even though the technology to prevent it has been readily available since Covid started.

Falsification of Covid 19 passes

Covid passes are bought on a black market and, according to an article in Newspaper Göteborgsposten, the police in Italy suspect that doctors there are involved in the trade.

A few weeks go, the pandemic restrictions were tightened again in Sweden after a period of milder guidelines. In some environments it is now required that you present a Covid pass to be allowed to enter. The reason is not hard to guess; the proportion of Covid19 cases has increased since the guidelines were eased earlier this year and at the end of November the first case of the Omicron variant was discovered in Stockholm. To officials, the situation is again more serious.

However, there are many people in opposition of vaccination passes around the world, so also in Sweden. They see the vaccine as a direct threat to freedom of choice and/or their health -and work actively to avoid being vaccinated. The increasing demands for vaccine passes are seen by these groups as further restrictions on their freedom of choice.

The result has in some cases been that some people make every effort to circumvent regulations, among other things by making fake Covid passes. Passes are bought on a black market and, according to an article in Swedish Newspaper Göteborgsposten on November 29, the police in Italy for example, even suspect that doctors there are involved in the trade. The Telegraph in UK reported in December that the Swedish Covid app has not been able to distinguish the false passes from the genuine and our country’s official ‘Ombudsman’ has received over 9,000 reports of fake passes, more than the authorities usually receive in a whole year in other matters combined.

Example of a certificate used by the company Safe Cert Group who control the cleanliness and Covid care of hotels such as the Raddison New York.

The technology to prevent forgeries is here

I am not an immunologist, nor an expert on Covid19, but regardless of what anyone thinks about getting vaccinated, the development with false passes is a problem, potentially exposing many people to health risks which they cannot begin to calculate if falsified Covid passes circulate. We should all be able to agree that with Covid19 it comes down to protecting those with underlying conditions. And those with greater risk for serious illness should of course be able to tell, to the best of their ability when they are putting their health on the line.

TRUE Original Documents offer technology that could have all but eliminated the risk of fake covid passes. If correctly implemented -the origin and validity of every issued documents can be confirmed with 100 percent certainty -anywhere, all year round, by anyone. The technology makes it virtually impossible to falsify, destroy or lose documents, and we have had it ready since Covid became a known issue worldwide.

TRUE’s software has been in used for about a year and a half, long before the Swedish government decided that a vaccine pass should be created. The technology is used by Companies, Colleges and National Federations who utilize the software to issue Diplomas and Transcripts, Certificates, Wwards, Recognitions, Memberships and more. The technology could have easily been implemented for Covid passes, and is still a valid solution which could help increase security and create more public trust in the matter -and most importantly, minimise the falsification of the passes.

To learn more about the technology offered by TRUE Original Documents, contact use here.

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