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TRUE creates value which far exceed the investment. Can you afford not to upgrade from paper & Pdf?

Better looking.
More productive.

Stop wasting your time administering paper or Pdf diplomas and certificates. 

With TRUE, you can easily design, issue, store and manage all official documentation, using one platform.

Subscription plans start at 100€ /Month. Discover how much your organization can gain, by taking our quiz. 

All features included.

Blockchain security, publish to your website, integrated email, statistics & business intel, multiple users, dynamic content,
animated design, public & hidden documents, marketing & communication, automated reminders, batch-downloads, online registry, and more.


Security at the highest level using several different blockchains. All user-interactions in our dashboard are logged and saved for transparency.
Fully GDPR compliant in every aspect.

Traffic & Statistics

See when and where documents are shared, downloaded or verified. Connect your own Google Analytics & FB pixels as needed.

Dynamic Content

Edit texts and links on your document-pages at any time to push the latest news from your organisation. Your designs can be animated and fully custom.

Multiple accounts

Log in with different user-levels, and sister-organisations.

What value can TRUE bring you?

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TRUE Reviews

What our clients and partners say:

"Entrepreneur of the Year takes hundreds of hours annually and all support means a lot. TRUE has saved a ton of time both for me and my colleagues. Since we issue a large number of diplomas, it will also be a more environmentally friendly solution."

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Isabel Bergström Stacey EY

"After ten years of sending out diplomas and course certificates as PDFs via email, we were ready for a better system. Now everything is made via Salesforce which automatically sends the data to TRUE. With TRUE's system, Berghs delivers all certificates with a much higher level of quality & safety, meeting our students expectations. It’s easy for graduates to publish certificates to several channels - which helps them market themselves while also promoting Berghs."

Mats Lundqvist CTO, Berghs School of Communication

"The digital tools from TRUE have greatly improved our Diploma Programs regarding administration, security, and most importantly the participant experience."

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Frida Palmgren Managing Director, BFAB & STF

"We work hard to be the most innovative Dental Care company in the Nordics. It's vital for us to always push for better ways to deliver great care, and to invest in our coworkers - our greatest assets.

Niklas Virta CEO, Aqua Dental

“With the help of TRUE, setting up our concept Proof of Business took eight weeks.
We have just been given a government assignment to investigate this in a second phase. In this step we will focus on Licenses, Trademark Certificates, Company Registrations etc. But if we look a little further ahead, it can definitely be possible to use the technology for much more.”

bolagsverket ikon
Erika Sjödin Innovation Officer, Bolagsverket

Finally - digital LGBTQi certificates 🏳️‍🌈 !
Thank you for a great collaboration TRUE. This solution means that Certified Companies can publish a Badge on a website, in email signatures, and on Social Media. When clicked, it leads to our animated digital Certificates. Employees can easily share Certificates on social profiles. ❤️

RFSL Learning & Education RFSL

“PDF's are simply not secure.
And, we save a ton of administrative work!”

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Peter Hampus CTO, Nackademin

“We started with our sister company Employer Branding Academy, and quickly saw the possibilities. We are now implementing TRUE for all our 20,000 badges and Diplomas in 40 countries for Universum. Our process used to take many hours from team members around the world. Now it's a matter of minutes."

Jonas Barck Global CMO, Universum

"For us, its only natural to collaborate with the player in secure document management that has the highest quality, and stands for world-class security."

Matti Olofsson CEO, OneMore Secure

"SSF offer extensive training in Security to our customers, both physically and digitally. It has been particularly important for us to be able to ensure that our Proofs of Education, in the form of Certificates and Diplomas are correct and secure."

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Maria Dahlstedt Program Manager, SSF

Thank you for your support and great cooperation TRUE💙
Your help contributes to our work for an equal world, free from violence and discrimination against women and girls.

Louise Waller Acting Operations Manager, UN Women Sweden

Amazing. I tip my hat for your design TRUE!
It was really fun to be able to give Blockchain-secured diplomas to the winners of HACK FOR SÖDERTÄLJE.
This is the next level!

Anthony Mccarrick Digitization Strategist, Södertälje Kommun

“This is absolutely brilliant!
A thousand thank yous !!”

Tania Sjöberg Learning & Development, Skanska

"Our alumnae’s now have nice looking Diplomas in an accessible format, but we also see great marketing value! Thanks for a great product!"

Sissel Gade Head of Operations, AW Academy

“We are very happy with our work with TRUE Original.
Their technology let our customers get lots of positive attention."

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Martin Hägerdal CEO, Kvalprak

"It's awesome working with TRUE !
Things move fast, I like that !"

Ludvig Ceimertz CEO, Returab

"A clear advantage of our new digital certificates is how easily they can be added as a reference to Linkedin or a digital CV. The ease of use and verifiability creates trust!"

Lina Fjäll Chief Customer Officer, Astrakan

"Thanks TRUE!
Incredible to work with you to realise our fully accredited NED Academy Certificates!"

Roei Samuel CEO, Connectd

"A big step in our digitalisation-journey was to offer participants a new type of upgraded Diploma after completed course programs - whose authenticity is secured through blockchain, with the help of the Swedish service TRUE. These modern and stylish educational certificates can easily be shared on LinkedIn and other digital channels."

John Sundström Founder, Webbdagarna Academy & IDG Academy

Now we're taking the Diplomas into the future!
A prospective employer can easily control origin and authenticity of the Certificates -which is of value generally, but particularly important when it comes to the Security sector.

Tomas Devenyi Security Consultant, Ancoris Security
Peter Hampus, CTO at Nackademin College

Why is TRUE an important platform for Educators?

” A normal year, we’d spend a minimum of two weeks issuing certificates and diplomas. With this new digitized platform, we save a ton of time and we can guarantee the authenticity of each diploma. PDF’s are simply not secure.
Plus, we have already seen a significant amount of increased traffic to our website coming from students who share their diplomas online. “

Peter Hampus, CIO
Nackademin College

All plans include:

Personal Dashboard

Learn about how, where and when your documents and credentials are used.

Modern Designs

Make your brand stand out against the competition. Get beautifully animated document-designs published on your URL. Use your designer, or let us help.


Allow your customers to share your digital documents with a click, creating valuable traffic and attention in the process. There's no better traffic than word-of-mouth recommendations.

Blockchain Security

We encrypt and save the meta data from your credentials, document and proofs to several green blockchains. Each document and ownership of it -is unique, secure and verifiable.

Automated Issuance

Connect to your database or CRM via API, to automate the creation, distribution and storage of documents.
-Say goodbye to paperwork all together!


Highly educated support staff from Sweden. We are here to make you succeed. The way we see it is; If you save time, build trust and generate new traffic, that's great for you, as well as for us.


Priced to fit most organisations - from 100€ per month.
Reach out and tell us about your usecase to get an exact quote.

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