We offer price-points to fit small, medium and enterprise organisations. ​
Many companies pay less than they would if they printed and posted their documents.

All features included

Blockchain security, publish to your website, integrated email, statistics & business intel, multiple users, dynamic content,
animated design, public & hidden documents, marketing & communication, batch-downloads and much more.


Security at the highest level with Ethereum blockchain. Every document, badge and credential issued is logged and saved.

Traffic & Statistics

See when and where documents are shared -and verified. Connect Google Analytics & pixels.

Dynamic Content

Edit communication at any time to push the latest news from your org.

Multiple accounts

Log in for serveral members of your organisation.


Various price-points to fit all organisations. ​
Reach out and tell us about your intended use to get an exact quote. The cost per document goes down the more you send/issue.

Head office (we'd love a visit)

Brahegatan 10, 6th floor 114 37 Stockholm Sweden

All plans include

Personal Dashboard

Learn about how, where and when your documents and credentials are used.

Modern Designs

Make your brand stand out against the competition. Get beautifully animated document-designs.


Allow your customers to share your digital documents with a click, and create valuable traffic and attention in the process.

Blockchain Security

We save the important data from your credentials, document and proofs to Ethereum, Fantom and others. Making each doc unique, secure and verifiable.

Automated Issuance

We can connect to your database via API, automating the creation and distribution pf documents.
Say good-bye to paperwork all together.


We are here to make you succeed. The way we see it is;
If you save time, and get a lot of views on your digital documents
-we have succeeded.

TRUE - trusted documents