Will Trust Prevail In The Pursuit Of Blockchain Superiority? - TRUE

Will Trust Prevail In The Pursuit Of Blockchain Superiority?

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Blockchain, Web3 and crypto will likely soon become important and regulated sectors of the world economy; it’s just a matter of time. Blockchain is already a powerful force within industries around the world, and the technology is so intertwined with crypto that it only makes sense that it will sooner or later need to become regulated. When it does, even if severely regulated at first, I believe the space will eventually stabilize and attract institutional money in ways we have yet to see.

At the moment, the Web3 space is partially muddled by previous crypto scams, technical jargon and the fact that the technology itself is sometimes hard to fully wrap your head around. And as technology around us becomes more and more advanced, this will continue to be true. What we have to remember is that it’s in the process of learning about something new that we start to appreciate it. Whether it is tennis, a new language or any other skill, we often see beauty in it once we start to master it.