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Education & Training

Universities, Colleges and Educational Companies use TRUE to issue verifiable Diplomas, Certificates and Badges which are smart and stylish, plus drive valuable traffic and attention.

Save Time & Resources.
Boost Engagement.
Build Trust.

Learners and schools gain attention from beautifully animated, original digital credentials issued with TRUE.

For the issuing school or corporation, every Certificate become a source for attention, insights and trust. TRUE Diplomas cannot be lost, stolen or falsified. They are loved by recipients and shared often. 

TRUE is the only plattform which allows companies to issue diplomas and transcripts with any type, and any number of pages. TRUE even offer animated designs of Diplomas, which signals that you are a modern and forward thinking organisation.

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Colleges, Institutions, Training Organizations, National Associations, Educational Companies

Features to Love

Here's what schools and educators say they find especially valuable about TRUE.


Vocational Colleges (YH) in Sweden are switching to TRUE. They used to have a cumbersome process of printing, signing, scanning and uploading diplomas to the governing body (MYH). TRUE automates processes and create better looking diplomas which drive new organic traffic and business intelligence for the Colleges.

Connect your LMS

Our goals is always to minimize the manual work for Colleges and other educators.
We remove the need to change workflows by integrating with your LMS, CRM's and CMS.

Diploma vs Certificate, vs Degree

Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees are all higher education achievements. They have different requirements, and meanings, and can also differ from country to country.
Since TRUE offer fully customizable documents you can issue any type of government regulated proof with the platform, we simply copy it exactly as you wish, and make it verifiable.

What are hierarchies of Degrees?

In most countries College Degrees rank as following, in order of level and length of education: Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's or Graduate Degrees, then Doctorate or Professional Degrees.
There are also Post Doctorate Degrees (Post Docs).

Can Diplomas and Certificates Expire?

The short answer is; sometimes. There are instances where certain professions need to be licensed or certified every few years to keep practicing their profession. TRUE can help keep track of, and remind your Recipients automatically, if and when they need to update their skills.

What's the best College Degree today?

We believe there is no right answer to this question, as ones occupation should be built on interest and drive. Over time this question have changed a lot, and it will continue to do so.
Try lots of new things when young, and learn by excluding, or continue what speaks to you.

Recipients prefer TRUE documents

What will you gain from working with TRUE?

Save time, increase traffic and insights and build trust, by upgrading to blockchain secured diplomas and course certificates, which are loved by recipients and always verifiably authentic.

Save Time &
Valuable Resources

No one wants to manually create, issue and store Diplomas, Certificates or Transcripts. These tasks are best performed by computers.

Gain New Organic
Traffic & Insights

For the first time ever, organisations can understand when, where and how Diplomas and other Credentials are being used and validated.

Complete Security
Builds Trust

To know that every diploma, certificate and transcript is secure and verifiable creates a whole new level of trust for your school, company or institution.

Beautifully Animated
Always Accessible

There is no other platform on the market which will allow you brand to stand out in the way that TRUE does. Design on your own, or ask for our help.

dashboard for blockchain secure documents and credentials

Handle all aspects of your Diplomas in one place.

There has never been a better way to automatically create, issue and store official documents.
Perfect for your Diplomas, Certificates, Awards, Licenses, Accreditations, Transcripts, and all other Credentials. Get started in days.

TRUE offer University educated support staff from Sweden. Our goals is not only help you, but to make it fun to work with us.