Sveriges första verifierbara certifikat för skönhetsindustrin; hjälper patienter att känna sig trygga - TRUE

Sweden’s first verifiable certificates for the Beauty Industry; helping patients feel safe

A new law went into affect in Sweden

In July of 2021. The new law regulates who may perform various types of cosmetic procedures. The Inspectorate for Health and Wellness, Ivo, is the authority that has supervisory responsibility over companies operating in Sweden. 

“Since we have already seen so many problems in Ivo’s supervision, I think there are reasons to review it, even though the law is quite new, to review the effects of it.” – says Health Care Minister Acko Ankarberg Johansson (KD) to Ekot earlier this year.

With this in mind, TRUE wants to make it easier for consumers to check whether healthcare personnel have the right knowledge and training to carry out beauty procedures, and has applied its technology for secure Certificates and Diplomas together with a first company in the beauty industry in Sweden; Doctor K.

“Our technology is often used by Universities, national associations, companies and institutes for a variety of certificates, diplomas and transcripts. These are important documents which a person carry with them for most of their lifetime. It’s quite strange that it has takens us so long as a society to care if these documents are secure and verifiable, but the era of AI has made it clear that security is not only important, its vital.

Plastic surgery is one of many areas where no one should take additional risks. If I were to ever have surgery, I would definitely want to KNOW that the person performing the procedure was properly trained.” -says Patrik Slettman, CEO at TRUE.

Below is an example of a Certificate from Doctor K Academy.
(Scan the QR code to verify it):