"AI kommer att göra det mycket svårt för oss att veta vad som är äkta" - SANT

“AI will make it very difficult for us to know what is genuine”

Security and authenticity are important for the future – especially considering AI development.
(Article originally posted by The Swedish Association of Communication Professionals. Read the article here)

Security and authenticity are important for the future – especially considering AI development. That’s the opinion of Patrik Slettman, CEO of TRUE Original. He talks about the gap in the industry that laid the foundation for his company and the importance of verified and secure content.

Patrik Slettman is the CEO of TRUE Original, a tool for digitizing important documentation. He has previously worked for several hospitality conglomerates in the USA and as a consultant in digital communication. In 2018, he got the idea for TRUE Original while working as an acting marketing manager and had to create certificates for 2,500 executives.

“We wanted to give the executives digital certificates that they could easily share online, thus generating positive organic traffic and attention for the company I worked for.”

He couldn’t find any existing service that offered what he was looking for, so he decided to create it himself. When he and a developer were almost finished planning the software, the developer suggested they could also secure the documents with blockchain technology, making them impossible to counterfeit.

“I said, wait a minute! Teach me everything you can about blockchain! We need documents we can trust. That’s even more important than automated management and increased traffic!”

What does blockchain mean for digital marketing?

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is like a digital diary stored on many computers, in databases all over the internet instead of in one place. It keeps track of transactions and information securely. Since all databases have the same information, nothing can be changed in the ‘diary’ without everyone noticing. Blockchain is not only used for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but also in areas such as banking, healthcare, and logistics to store and share information faster and more securely.

Innovative marketing: “The world is moving fast”

TRUE Original provides a platform that allows organizations to automatically create, send, and store certificates, diplomas, licenses; basically all types of documentation. Recipients can then securely and verifiedly share the certificates on social channels or other channels. Publishing documents on the web makes them a tool in communication and marketing, and they are always available.

“TRUE documents offer entirely new opportunities compared to paper and PDF. In addition to being more secure, it’s also more convenient to use documents published on the web. Only one original of each document is created (hence the name TRUE Original), which can be viewed by many. No copies are needed, and they cannot be lost, destroyed, or counterfeited. In cases where you want to display a diploma or certificate, simply share the link on social media; it has soon been done a million times with our technology.”

Being innovative in marketing is crucial, says Patrik. Especially considering AI development.

“The world is moving fast. It’s important to be agile and think differently to stay ahead. And we all need to improve security. AI will make it very difficult for us to know what is genuine in the future. Blockchain, which we use to ensure authenticity, is a fantastic counterbalance to AI.

“AI will affect every person on Earth”

The development of AI brings with it lots of opportunities – but also challenges. How will we be able to distinguish between what is human-created and what is AI-generated? If we cannot verify content as genuine today, we must assume it isn’t, argues Patrik.

“And it will be used in almost every area. We know that today. Blockchain can become the technology that proves real authenticity by securing what is created and posted online at that moment.”

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How does TRUE Original ensure the security and privacy of the data stored within its platform, particularly considering the sensitive nature of documents such as diplomas and certificates?

“TRUE employs robust security measures to safeguard the data stored within its platform. This includes encryption protocols to protect sensitive information, multi-factor authentication for user access, and regular security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities. Additionally, TRUE Original adheres to strict data privacy regulations such as GDPR to ensure compliance and protect user privacy.”

In what ways does TRUE plan to adapt and evolve its technology to keep pace with advancements in AI and potential future challenges in ensuring the authenticity of digital content?

“We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology to address emerging challenges, including those posed by advancements in AI. The platform continuously evaluates and integrates innovative solutions, such as advanced AI algorithms for document verification and authentication. Moreover, TRUE collaborates with industry experts and invests in ongoing research and development to enhance its capabilities and maintain its position as a leader in digital documentation.”

Are there any specific industries or sectors where TRUE sees particularly high demand or potential for growth in the utilization of its platform in the future?

While TRUE Original initially targeted sectors such as Education, Compliance and National Associations, it recognizes the widespread applicability of its platform across various industries. There’s opportunities for growth in sectors where the need for secure and verified documentation is paramount, such as Legal Services, Luxury Goods, Government Agencies, and Professional Certification Bodies.

By leveraging our versatile document technology and customizable solutions, TRUE aims to expand its market presence and cater to diverse industry requirements.