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Activate Ambassador Marketing using TRUE digital credentials

‘Ambassador Marketing’ is sometimes referred to as ‘Influencer Marketing’ or ‘Brand Advocacy’. It is a marketing strategy where individuals promote a company’s products or services to their audience. It’s a risky business with lots of potential pitfalls, but at TRUE

5 of the most famous FRAUDS of all time

While fraud cases are serious matters with significant consequences, there have been some instances that could be considered amusing due to their unusual nature or the audacity of the perpetrators, with instances that defy common sense and leave us scratching

Evaluating Blockchain & Web3 for Business, and Government use

TRUE has helped institutions, corporations and government agencies start using -and evaluating blockchain, by integrating our custom platform for blockchain-secured official documents. This Case digs deeper into a public project which led to a Government assignment for Bolagsverket (the Swedish

Kvalprak Certifiering med TRUE

Kvalprak – security for healthcare providers

For over 20 years, Kvalprak has certified health and medical clinics.  Using a comprehensive business management system, Kvalprak helps their customers lay a solid foundation for annual business audits, as well as continuous improvement of its operations and security.  To

Blockchain + GDPR = TRUE

Blockchain + GDPR = TRUE ❤️

Patrik Slettman outlines why GDPR and blockchain are compatible. “Blockchain by itself is not an obstacle to follow data rules and compliance. It’s simply a technology that is best used by people with good intentions, much like most technologies today.” 

Trends in Learning & Development

5 trends to keep you relevant in Learning & Development

Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate right now, with immersive learning opportunities within the Metaverse, Blockchain, AI and Nanolearning. These 5 disciplines will help you stay competitive in the quick-paced educational environment, and we think they’ll continue to change


Giva Sverige is an organization based in Sweden that works to promote and support philanthropy throughout the nation. Their mission is to increase the level of private giving, as well as engagement, in charitable activities in Sweden. Giva Sverige acts

Increase traffic using secure documents

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