"Jag arbetar som systemförvaltare och fokuserar på att effektivisera processer och säkerställa hög kvalitet" - SANT

”I work as a system manager, focusing on the streamlining of processes, and ensuring high quality”

Hi, please tell us about yourself and your role!

I’m Ann-Louise Rubin, and I work at TUC College as the system manager, which involves, among other things, working on the streamlining of manual processes, seeking various integration solutions to facilitate and ensure the quality of our work. This frees up personnel resources so they can perform more complex and qualified tasks.

What is the most exciting or new thing happening at TUC this year?

We have several new programs starting, and an entirely new location, Skellefteå, which opened its doors after the summer!

Briefly explain how you managed your certificates and diplomas before TRUE.

Completely manually; we spent many hours printing, signing, enveloping, and sending them to the students. Additionally, all certificates had to be manually scanned and sent to MYH (thr governing body of vocational colleges).

What were the main challenges in managing diplomas before TRUE?

Obtaining signatures from various leadership representatives and dealing with addresses that hadn’t been updated by our students, resulting in returned mail and investigative work to find out what was missing where.

What do you like most about the technology/process via TRUE?

That we now have integrations between TRUE and our LMS, removing manual handling and administration, its great!

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