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Activate Ambassador Marketing using TRUE digital credentials

‘Ambassador Marketing’ is sometimes referred to as ‘Influencer Marketing’ or ‘Brand Advocacy’. It is a marketing strategy where individuals promote a company’s products or services to their audience. It’s a risky business with lots of potential pitfalls, but at TRUE we help companies get started with no downside.

In ambassador marketing, companies collaborate with ambassadors who typically have a strong online presence and large following on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn, which align with the company’s brand values and target audience.

The ambassadors create content, such as sponsored posts, videos, or reviews, featuring the company’s products or services. They share these materials with their followers, who may be more likely to trust and engage with recommendations coming from someone they follow and admire.

This type of marketing has been extremely effective for brands such as NIKE, Red Bull, and many many others. The right program can launch a brand from unknown to famous, but it is far from easy to get collaborations to work successfully.

Problems with creating ambassador marketing:

1. Its difficult to evaluate if the followers will respond to your offer. Even if the individual have many followers, will they also love what your brand offers?
2. Will the audience think the offer is genuine? How do you get followers to see past the fact that the ambassador gets paid to push a brand offer?
3. How do you set up a deal that has the least risk and most potential reward? The more well-known the figure, the more risk. Someone with a large reach will definitely ask for money upfront, leaving the brand to pay for the activation upfront.

Even brands who have very successful ambassador partnerships are in the hands of individuals, and as such they are very vulnerable to their actions, and the public’s perception of the ambassador. Just think back to the Tiger Woods sex scandals, or Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks. These things can make a collaboration go from positive to negative, potentially dragging a brand down with an individual.

Using TRUE, companies activate ambassador marketing with zero risk. Granted, on a much smaller scale than with a celebrity, but with none of the problems mentioned.

All upside and zero risk with ‘TRUE Ambassador Activation’, using digital credentials

Ambassador marketing can be implemented through online certificates and badges. In this approach, companies offer specialized training, educational programs, awards or other recognitions related to products, services, or industry. Upon completion of programs, participants are awarded online certificates or badges that validate their knowledge, expertise or affiliation.

Ambassador marketing through TRUE certificates (and badges) works by leveraging the credibility and influence of individuals who have obtained the certifications. And the best part is, those individuals are already real fans of what they share, or showcase, or they wouldn’t display the credential in the first place.

Certified individuals become brand ambassadors who can promote your company’s offerings with a click of a button, while also showcasing their own expertise. They can display their certificates or badges on websites, in email signatures, on social media profiles, or other online platforms, signaling their affiliation with your brand. It’s the closest thing to word-of-mouth-marketing available online. At TRUE we help companies get started, and elevate these programs.

Key points about ambassador marketing through online certificates and badges:

  1. Genuine Credibility: Since these individuals have participated in your program, your education, or other, and share the experience, no one will question weather they actually like your offer. Everyone will believe them when they say it was to their liking.
  2. Expert endorsement: Individuals who has participated in your program know all there is to know about your offer, and as such they are better suited than anyone to promote it.
  3. Targeted promotion: Ambassadors who have obtained certifications often have collegeues and friends in the same fields, making their promotion targeted and effective.
  4. Trust and authenticity: Certifications provide a level of trust and authenticity to the ambassador’s endorsement. Customers are more likely to trust recommendations coming from individuals who have demonstrated their expertise through recognized certifications.
  5. Community building: Ambassador programs that include online certificates or badges can foster a sense of community among certified individuals. They can engage in knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaborative efforts, further strengthening their connection to the brand and creating a supportive community of ambassadors.

Overall, ambassador marketing through online certificates and badges combines the benefits of education, expertise, and influencer marketing. It establishes a network of certified individuals who can effectively promote a brand while showcasing their own qualifications.

At TRUE we have seen frist-hand how companies have created value worth hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly, from targeted sales linked to digital credentials.

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