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Discover how TRUE help organisations build trust, save time, grow traffic, and more.

We work for a secure and trusted internet

We believe that the negative impact of fake news, misinformation, and the advancement of deep fakes has brought 1 positive thing with it:

-It has generated a countermovement; a re:renaissance for enlightenment, and a thirst for knowledge that is genuine and true.

Together with clients, partners and users we are on a journey to show what is real.

Fake credentials & diplomas is a Billion dollar industry -and growing.

(The New York Times)


Diploma Mills worldwide, who sell fake transcripts, certificates and diplomas.



The number discovered falsified documents worldwide rises exponentially each year.

(US Chamber of Commerce)


of Americans admitted to lying on their resumes.


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Kristian Schmidt

Make your corporate assets TRUE

Your Diplomas, Certificates, Credentials and Awards, are important extensions of your brand -and your organisation.

Our technology can give you a multitude of advantages which can never be achieved with paper or pdf.

Reach out to discuss your digital strategy -and the advantages of issuing TRUE original documents.


Trust is at the heart of what we do. More about our values below.


We want the truth to be known. Let's be authentic and honest in a world full of fake news and missinformation.


Security is our highest priority. Once a TRUE original document is published and secured in blockchain, it cannot be altered in any way.


Our new standard for official documents let good organisations protect and authenticate achievements as real. We are always learning, we will always become better, and we will always strive to be "best in class", both for our customers as well as for our customers customers: the Recipients.


All the information we help secure is public, traceable and available. Trusted Issuers of TRUE original documents are ready to explain why a Recipient has received a document with an Assertion. We want our technology to help companies gain exposure from being open and publishing secure and verifiable documents.


Our technology make documents something new - something smarter. Issuer control the documents origin and history, and collect valuable data for business intelligence throughout its lifetime. Recipients can control visibility, see statistics and manage integrity settings with ease.


We will always do our utmost to make our clients happy -to help them build trust, gain traffic, save time, and more. Our technology is built for long-term relationships. Lets work together to create great proofs of achievements in the form of secure digital documents.

A New Document Standard

TRUE is new document standard, where every document can be validated and proven as a real original.

Our clients automatically generate and issue completely Secure & Verifiable official Documents, Badges and Credentials.

Protect and authenticate what is real by issuing documents with a secured TRUE original seal.


TRUE documents are secured with Blockchain technology, and can be verified as authentic. This inherently makes each documents issued with TRUE more valuable, and infinitely more reliable than paper and pdf. 

Anyone can verify a TRUE document by clicking the button next to a document (on the web), or by scanning the QR code that appears on the document when it is printed on paper.

You easily scan the QR-code with any smartphone camera. No app is required.

Each TRUE document has its own unique URL. Often shown on the subdomain of the issuing organisation. It can always be reached as long as you have an internet connection. From anywhere, at anytime.

A TRUE document cannot be lost or destroyed. Should a Recipient for any reason wish to delete their document, they can simply contact the issuing organisation, who can easily assist. 

Recipients can hide their document behind a password, which then has to be used to access the document. 

Paper documents often end up in a binder or drawer somewhere, while TRUE documents can be shared with the click of a button. It can be added to a digital resume, or sent via any type of digital channel. Just simply use the unique link of the document. 

No copies are needed. We all look at the same TRUE original.

The icons for sharing, downloading or sending a document can be found right next to each document.

In some cases the document cannot be downloaded by anyone except the owner. TRUE offer the issuing organisations different settings for download and sharing.

As a Recipient/Owner of a TRUE document, you can log in and see your own statistics (unless prohibited by the Issuing Organisation). You can see how many people have viewed your document, and where they found the link to your document.

If you share it on social media, you can from where the traffic came.

For example, if a Diploma is added under Education on LinkedIn, or posted as an update, you as the Recipient will be able to see how many people found the document on LinkedIn.

Recipients can Log In to view stats and change their email and phone, this way the issuer can always reach them if necessary.

The Login-link is located below the document.

Some documents come with an Emblem, a so-called ‘Badge’.

The Badge is a small representation of the document and can be added to a website or in an email signature.

You will find the Badge below your document (when the document has a Badge). There are links next to the Badge explaining how to add it to a website or in an email signature.

At TRUE, we want Issuers and their customers (Recipients) to love the documents, so we feel it’s worth putting an extra effort into design.

With that said, we can have a design done in a day or two if you have a clear view what you want, or if you have a ready PDF/ InDesign or Illustrator file. 

Yes – simply send us your Indesign or illustrator files and we will implement them as is, or add an animation to make them look more modern.

If you want an upgrade to your current design just send us your brand guidelines and we will create something great for you.

You can see how much traffic is generated from which channel, like Linkedin, FB, IG, Email, Whatsapp and more, on individual documents as well as for all of them.

You can connect your own Google Analytics and add FB pixels to documents.

We are available office hours, but you can email us anytime. We often respond promptly even ‘after hours’.

Yes, for non-profits and certain EDU’s. You can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. 

TRUE - trusted documents