“TRUE's diplomas have been crucial for us, and for our students” - TRUE

“TRUE’s diplomas have been crucial for us, and for our students”

Hi Erik. whats your role at Vinkällan?

Hi, I’m the principal at Vinkällan Beverage Education, the largest sommelier training institute in the Nordic region. I am responsible for our course offerings and the development of our wine courses, wine tastings, and sommelier trainings.

What is the most exciting or new thing happening with your organization this winter?

We continuously work on developing our materials, but a major focus in recent years has been on digitalizing, making our educational material more accessible, and securing it. We have also created entirely digital wine education, allowing people from all over the country and even outside Sweden to take our courses and learn about wine without having to travel to us.
TRUE’s diplomas have been crucial for us and our students, especially since we are physically present in multiple locations in Sweden, including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Växjö, Sälen, Åre, and in Denmark. We are entering a phase of significant changes and shifts in our sommelier training, incorporating more pedagogical elements, new learning methods, and additional tools to aid students on their journey to becoming certified sommeliers.

How did you manage your certificates and diplomas before TRUE.

As a school offering everything from shorter courses to vocational training and international education in beverages, there is an expectation to receive a diplomas certifying a certain level of knowledge. This has always been the norm in our industry. We collaborate with various education companies in the wine sector, handling different types of diplomas in different ways and at different levels. We are very pleased with what TRUE’s diplomas have brought for us and our students.

What were the main challenges in managing diplomas before TRUE?

Primarily the administrative aspect. Previously, we printed, framed, and distributed diplomas more extensively. Now, some of our certificates remain digital, streamlining our handling. This part has become significantly easier with TRUE’s diplomas.

What do you like most about the technology/process via TRUE?

There are several factors. The ability to verify authenticity, the potential for dissemination through social channels, and the ability for our company to track the traffic associated with the diplomas.
We also appreciate that students have access to their certificates or diplomas at all times. This is crucial for us, especially since many of our students aspire to work internationally, making it even more important for them to have their certificates and diplomas on their phones or computers. Students also appreciate the appearance of the diplomas.

Read more about Vinkällan: vinkallan.se

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