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Authenticity & Ownership

Authenticity & Ownership

Use TRUE to issue secure and verifiable Certificates of Authenticity and Proof of Ownerships.


Watch Companies, Jewelers and Luxury Brands often issue a Certificate of Authenticity upon purchase. If a certificate is lost or destroyed, the value of an item can go down as much as 50%.

TRUE work with leading luxury brands to minimise forgeries and create a better experience for their customers. The brands also create new marketing power with this cutting edge technology. Contact us to find out how.

Trusted Authenticity

Watches, Jewelry, Art, Luxury Goods

Features to Love

Here's what luxury brands finds especially exciting about our technology and service. TRUE offer University educated support staff from Sweden. Our goals is not only help you, but to make it fun to work with us.


TRUE Certificates of Authenticity are impossible to lose, destroy or falsify. And they never need to be reissued.
Luxury brands add value by offering secure Certificates which help verify authenticity, and offer a transparent way to transfer ownership.


To minimise the need to change workflows TRUE has integrated with well-known POS, CMS and CRM's, and we continue to connect with more.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

Basically, its a professional sales receipt; a document used as Authentication for product or artwork is authentic and real. A COA can be issued by the maker of the product, or by a Accredited Appraiser, someone who has been trained to recognise the value of certain objects. With TRUE, this document can be issued to an individual, make it more unique and secure.

What's a Certificate of Value?

The difference between a Certificate of Value and Authenticity is that the COV contain the current value of an object. These are usually issued by a trained Appraiser who performs a complete analysis of a on object to determine its current market value. With TRUE, this document can be issued to an individual, giving new possibilities such as traceable Provenance.

What's Provenance, and how is it used for artwork and luxury items?

Provenance essentially is the recorded journey of an object; from its creation to its different owners. Art collectors use this information to provide more context for artwork. An object's story might include a famous individual, or a period when it was part of a larger collection. With TRUE, this can now be achieved for watches or furniture, creating more value for the issuer.

What's new with blockchain-secured Certificates of Authenticity?

TRUE help both brand owners and authorised resellers to issue Certificates which are impossible to lose, destroy or falsify. These secure documents are preferred by Recipients as well as insurance companies, but more importantly, they create massive value for the issuers. They offer a great way to track if an object is sold, and to whom. Contact us to learn more.

Recipients prefer TRUE documents

What will you gain from working with TRUE?

Organisations use TRUE to be more efficient, build trust in their market, generate more traffic, and get better business intel, by issuing blockchain-secure documentation which is loved by recipients.

Save Time &
Valuable Resources

No one wants to manually create, issue and store Diplomas, Certificates or Transcripts. These tasks are best performed by computers.

Gain New Organic
Traffic & Insights

For the first time ever, organisations can understand when, where and how Certificates and Credentials are being used, validated and transferred.

Complete Security
Builds Trust

To know that every certificate and proof is secure and verifiable, creates a whole new level of trust for your brand, and organisation.

Beautifully Animated
Always Accessible

There is no other platform on the market which will allow you brand to stand out in the way that TRUE does.

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