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Government & Compliance

Government & Compliance

Authorities use TRUE to accredit Schools, Businesses and Individuals. Blockchain Secured.

Save Time.
Create Transparency.
Build Trust.

Government Agencies Certify businesses (and individuals) using TRUE’s technology for secure and trusted Credentials.

By automatically generating Blockchain Secured Documentations which cannot be falsified, Governing Bodies achieve a new level of Security, Transparency and Trust. 

A License, Certificate or Accreditation issued with TRUE can be withdrawn, cancelled or made inactive. This creates transparency and total control for the governing body, which in turn builds trust and understanding between all stakeholders. 

Trusted By

Institutions, Employer Organizations, Accreditation Bodies, Government Agencies

Features to Trust

Here's what government agencies find especially valuable about blockchain secure document technology. TRUE offer University educated support staff from Sweden. Our goals is not only help you, but to make it fun to work with us.


When Permits and Certificates are issued with TRUE's technology (secured with blockchain) it is easy for all stakeholders to verify that Recipients have met correct standards and requirements.
The fact that these Credentials cannot be falsified creates a new level of trust.


To minimise the need to change workflows TRUE has integrated with many well-known CMS, LMS, and CRM's on the market. We continue develop and connect with new partners and collaborators.


Recipients prefer TRUE documents

What will you gain from working with TRUE?

Organisations use TRUE to be more efficient, gain new traffic and build trust, by issuing modern, blockchain secured documents and certificates which are loved by recipients.

Save Time &
Valuable Resources

No one wants to manually create, issue and store Diplomas, Certificates or Transcripts. These tasks are best performed by computers.

Gain New Organic
Traffic & Insights

For the first time ever, organisations can understand when, where and how Diplomas and other Credentials are being used and validated.

Complete Security
Builds Trust

To know that every diploma, certificate and transcript is secured using blockchain and verifiable, creates a whole new level of trust for your school, company or institution.

Beautifully Animated
Always Accessible

There is no other platform on the market which will allow you brand to stand out in the way that TRUE does.

dashboard for blockchain secure documents and credentials

Save time & resources.
Create new organic traffic.
Build trust.

There has never been an easier way to automatically create, issue and store blockchain-secured official documents.

Perfect for Diplomas, Certificates, Awards, Licenses, Accreditations, Transcripts, and all other Credentials. Get started in days.