4 parks, 1000's of employees, and 10's of thousands Diplomas & Certificates - TRUE

4 parks, 1000’s of employees, and 10’s of thousands Diplomas & Certificates

We spoke to Alexandra Olsson, Education Manager at Parks & Resorts, Sweden’s largest operator of Amusement Parks

TRUE allow us at Parks & Resorts to offer all employees Certificates for the training they undergo, as well as Diplomas for the achievements they attain with us. 

We issue Certificates for the trainings we conduct with all employees in our 4 parks: Gröna Lund, Kolmården, Skara Sommarland and Furuvik. We also award employees with Diplomas when they distinguish themselves as for example; Star of the Month.

Given the large number of staff at Parks & Resorts, we could have never issued Certificates if they couldn’t be handled easily, which TRUE provides.

TRUE is also advantageous because recipients receive the Certificates digitally and can easily be downloaded or added to various social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

The majority of our employees are young and early in their careers; we want to be an employer which help them build their resumes. Having secure Certificates that demonstrate the skills these young professionals acquire is very valuable to us, and them!

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“Our technology is often used by Universities, national associations, companies and institutes for a variety of certificates, diplomas and transcripts. These are important documents which a person carry with them for most of their lifetime. It’s quite strange that it has takens us so long as a society to care if these documents are secure and verifiable, but the era of AI has made it clear that security is not only important, its vital.

Plastic surgery is one of many areas where no one should take additional risks. If were to ever have surgery, I would definitely want to KNOW that the person performing the procedure was properly trained.” -says Patrik Slettman, CEO at TRUE.

Will other clinics take be as transparent ?

-The hope is that more clinics within the beauty industry will take their responsibility to help consumers make safe choices when it comes to health and beauty.

Below is an example of a Certificate from Doctor K Academy: