TRUE möjliggör ökad hållbarhet, ökad utbildning och pålitliga partnerskap genom framtidens dokument

TRUE enables Sustainability, Education and Trusted Partnerships, by generating Documents of the Future

(Originally posted in TRUE’s technology is used by Berghs School of Communication, IHM Business School, Stockholm School of Economics, Naturskyddsföreningen and many others.
TRUE’s technology is used by Berghs School of Communication, IHM Business School and Stockholm School of Economics.

(Article posted in TechSverige, Swedish text:

For about two years now, TRUE has been helping companies, schools and institutions to automatically issue blockchain-secured diplomas and other official documents, like certificates, licenses and awards. With this new technology, documents do not need to be printed or sent by post. All documents issued through TRUE receive a unique URL that can be sent via email, or shared on social media with a click of a button. 

TRUE original documents use blockchain technology and smart design for a safer future

An individual digital document can be visited and read by thousands of people at the same time, if necessary, and store statistics about the use of a particular document. If many people can share and read a document at the same time, it doesn’t need to be copied or sent individually, which reduces the risk of it being altered, and, both the Issuing Organisations, and the Recipient, can protect documents in several ways. -Against downloading, sharing, as well as hide sensitive information when needed, by requiring a password and simply hide data from certain viewers.

With a document’s metadata secured in blockchain, it become a Non Fungible Document (an NFD), and as such impossible to falsify. Both Issuers and Recipients can see when someone has controlled and verified a document as authentic.

With this new information – Universities, Institutions, Associations and Companies can for the first time, see when and how often their official documents are viewed, how they have been shared, sent, or if they were downloaded.

Understanding how traffic flows to a document means that the Issuing Institution or Company can learn about where on the web their target group are more commonly congregating, and therefore which channels should be focused on when communicating externally.

TRUE’s technology is used today by schools, like Berghs School of Communication, IHM Business School, and Stockholm School of Economics. As the new secure digital certificates and diplomas are displayed on social media, they contribute to inspiration for further education, and generate organic traffic to the institutions that issued them.

Companies use the technology for everything from ISO Certifications to Licenses and Awards. The secure nature of the documents help to minimize doubts, they build trust between organisations and parties. Which of course creates a safe foundations for good collaborations.

Patrik Slettman
Founder & CEO
patrik@trueoriginal. com