Nod Kodning Bootcamp: Stärka autonoma kodare med säkra certifikat från TRUE - TRUE

Nod Coding Bootcamp: Empowering Autonomous Coders with TRUE Secured Certificates

Nod Coding Bootcamp was founded in 2020 at Norrsken Foundation in Stockholm, and has rapidly established itself as a leading institution for its immersive 10-week Data Analytics Bootcamp. 

Students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities learn Python, SQL, and applied Machine Learning in a small classroom setting, mastering the art of solving real-world problems and becoming Autonomous Coders within the fields of Data Analysis, Data Science, and Business Analysis.

Nod Coding Bootcamp attracts ambitious individuals eager to acquire the most relevant tech skills for today and tomorrow. Sometimes students are already working within the field, others are looking to change their career path entirely. Some even join to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

Attending the Nod bootcamp is a life-changing decision that secures a new future

The transformative journey at Nod Coding Bootcamp involves a three-step process: application and acceptance, 400 hours of intensive coding, and ultimately, securing a dream job in tech. 

This unique hands-on approach ensures that students can rapidly adapt to new programming concepts and excel in the fast-paced world of technology.

Besides the 400 hour bootcamp, Nod also offers customized training of varying lengths for companies looking to upskill their workforce. A fantastic way to ensure that their workforce remains at the forefront of technological knowledge.

To create awareness, and to guarantee the authenticity of their graduates’ achievements, Nod Coding Bootcamp has forged a powerful partnership with TRUE, a leader in blockchain-secured certificates. The collaboration not only validates the students’ skills but also significantly enhances their credibility for the alumni on the job market. And for organizations utilizing Nod’s customized bootcamps, the secured certificates from TRUE offer undeniable proof of the upskilled competencies of their employees, which in turn has helped generate new clients and projects.

Gustav, Co-Founder and Instructor at Nod, enthusiastically speaks of the benefits of TRUE’s secured certificates: “Our partnership with TRUE has elevated the value of our students’ accomplishments, giving them an edge in the competitive job market.”

Patrik Slettman, CEO at TRUE adds: “Nod has a great product and very knowledgeable instructors. They have been a great partner to us and actually helped us focus on visualizing the data which is most important in our own dashboard.”