Jenny Sundborg, nationell samordnare på Yrkeshögskoleförbundet i Sverige - TRUE

Jenny Sundborg, National Coordinator at the Vocational College Association in Sweden

Jenny, what’s your role at the National Association for Vocational Collages?

I work as the National Coordinator for the organization, essentially managing the organisation.

What is the most exciting or new thing happening with your organization this fall/winter?

Every year we hold our event YHForum. Its always a highlight. We will be discussing AI, the investigation “The Future of Vocational Colleges in the nation,” with participation from our governing body (MYH), and politicians. We will also host an exhibition featuring our suppliers.

Briefly explain how you managed your certificates and diplomas before TRUE.

UL Education Diplomas were handled analogously, printed and sent by mail to each participant. Membership certificates did not exist until TRUE suggested that we should have them.

What were the main challenges in managing diplomas before TRUE?

Printing and mailing them, and ensuring they reached the intended recipients.

What do you like most about the technology offered by TRUE?

It feels more modern, and if someone wants to print their diploma, they have the option to do so. We also have a digital badge that is appreciated. The system makes it easy to search for recipients and find specific diplomas or certificates. 

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