Kvalprak ensure the quality of Medical Clinics and issues Certificates using TRUE Original Documents.


Kvalprak ensure the quality of entire Medical Clinics through management and control systems. Then certifies them using TRUE.

For over 20 years, Kvalprak has certified health and medical clinics. 

Using a comprehensive business management system, Kvalprak helps its customers to lay a solid foundation for annual business audits, as well as continuous improvement of its operations.  To further develop its customer offering, Kvalprak now offers their Certificates via TRUE Original Documents, which are always verifiable, impossible to falsify, and cannot be lost or destroyed.

Ever since its inception in the 1990s, Kvalprak has developed its business management system for physicians, by physicians, with the stated ambition to provide a premium tool for quality assurance, specifically around critical factors such as environment, workplace quality, organizational operations, patient safety and information security. Traditionally, most businesses have built specific management systems for each of these standards or areas which they aim to control. Kvalprak instead gathers all these standards and requirements which the clinic wants to be certified in, under one umbrella, in order to really connect quality assurance to the daily work. The company also carries out annual audits, with pre-audit as an optio.

– Thus, customers can be completely sure that all documents and processes are in place. And, the certifications leads to increased trust among patients and partners, and increases awareness of the clinics’ important quality work. In the long run, it is quality we sell at Kvalprak.

kvalprak - certifikat

Quality and Trust at the center

Quality and trust were important reasons why Kvalprak chose to enter into a collaboration with TRUE Original Documents, whose unique document management service creates secure digital documents, diplomas and certifications that can neither be destroyed, distorted nor falsified. Martin himself has an education as an electrical Engineer, and immediately felt that the innovative blockchain technology was the right way to go, for security, but also from a communication and marketing perspective.

– Being able to offer a certificate whose integrity really can’t be compromised is great. It provides security both for me and my clients. Most patients seek information online about their healthcare providers, and so -having the certificate in a digital environment is the right way to go!

martin hägerdal
Martin Hägerdal – Kvalprak

 A valuable tool working for greater quality

Today, Kvalprak’s business management system is designed entirely in accordance with SOSFS 2011: 9, the National Board of Health and Welfare’s regulations and general advice on management systems for systematic quality work for healthcare and medical providers, and they tailored their approach to each individual clinic’s needs. 

Functions offered include everything from document management and deviation management, to laws and regulations, as well as event analyzes and risk assessments.

– Of course, we also provide advice on how to build and utilize your management system in the way that best suits the business. With a genuine understanding of our customers’ needs, we can support them in a business where quality always is in focus and also help them to convey this to their patients. TRUE’s blockchain solution is a valuable tool in that work, concludes Martin Hägerdal.

More about Kvalprak here: https://kvalprak.se

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