"Our certificates have gained a professional, modern look with high-quality design" - TRUE

“Our certificates have gained a professional, modern look with high-quality design”

Please tell us briefly about yourself and what you do at Utbildningsföretagen.

My name is Johan Winsborn, and I am the Quality and Accreditation Manager at Almega Utbildningsföretagen. We are a national organization for service companies within Education and Workforce Matching. In my role, I primarily deal with our Quality Accreditation, which represents our high standards for quality in our member companies’ operations, like Colleges and Educational Service Companies.

What’s the most exciting or new thing happening at your company this fall/winter?

There’s a lot happening in Education and Matching this fall. Externally, we are very curious about how the vocational adult education investigation will handle the new directives from our government, to propose the focus and structure of a new form of Vocational Education, based on the model applied for Higher Vocational Education. It will be interesting to follow.

Additionally, we are hosting several events for our members this fall. For instance, we invite members to Almega’s procurement day at the end of November, and we also have our recurring Quality Conference. We’re looking forward to these events.

Briefly about your certificates and diplomas; How did you handle them before TRUE?

Before we came into contact with TRUE, we had a manual handling of PDF files. It was a laborious and tedious task.
The certificates had limited usability for our member companies. Essentially, they could only print their certificates and have them on-site in their facilities or send them as PDFs to those who wanted to see them. But there was no traceability or control over them.

TRUE makes it simple, secure, and it looks really good. Our certificates have gained a professional, modern appearance with high-quality visual design. Moreover, we can now track the number of visits to the certificates and see how they are used. Its very useful.

If you want to learn more about Almega Utbildningsföretagen, you can find them here: utbildningsforetagen.se

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