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Friskvårdsföretagen Almega – Working to improve an entire nations Health & Wellness industry

Almega – Swedens largest Employer Organisation

For over 100 years, Almega have helped to create sustainable conditions in hundreds of industries in Sweden. Today, they represent over 11,000 companies in about 60 industries that employ over half a million employees.

A new ambition for the Nation

Friskvårdsföretagen is one of several Employers’ Associations under Almega’s umbrella, and this one, is responsible for the Health & Wellness Industry in the nation.

An important aspect in taking the Swedish Health & Fitness industry to the next level is the work of ensuring great quality at schools, among educators, as well as for Health & Wellness coaches such as Personal Trainers.

There is a proposed bill with the Swedish government to make the title of Personal Trainer (PT) a protected title, which would mean that you have to fulfil certain criteria to call yourself a PT, and as such prove to have a certain level of education and knowledge. The goal is that Swedes in the future should be able to go to a Doctor and get a Personal Trainer ‘prescribed’, either as preventive help or to aid with ailments.

With this in mind, Friskvårdsföretagen have begun to Accredit the schools in the country that provide a high level of education, as well as License the Personal Trainers who have completed an Accredited education.

The technology for Licenses and Accreditations, with accompanying Badges is provided by TRUE, and it give Almega Friskvårdsföretagen a number of advantages, outlined below.

1. The licenses are 100% secure

The meta-data on each proof is secured in Blockchain. Each document representing a License or Accreditation becomes secure and always verifiable. In digital form, as well as when printed and hung on a wall. Each proof also has an accompanying Badge, which is a small representation of the full document, that can be used in an email signature, on a webpage or a digital CV.

2. Licenses are modern, animated, always available and cannot be lost

Friskvårdsföretagen has limited resources so it was important not to have to deal with lost licenses. TRUE set up a search page where all Licenses and Accreditation’s can found with a simple search, if for example, an email with the link to a license would be ‘lost’. Here, individuals can also check to see if a School or Personal Trainer is actually Accredited/Licensed.

3. The process of issuing licenses is fully automatic

The whole process of creating and distributing Licenses and Accreditations take no resources or time from Almega. The data is retrieved via an API from Almega’s database daily, and the Licenses and Accreditations are issued digitally via email. TRUE has distributed about 3,000 licenses on behalf of Almega Friskvårdsföretagen since the summer of 2020.

4. The new digital licenses help increase traffic, and has become a tool for communication

The licenses have an average of 10+ unique views per document, so far. As the licenses are shared on social media, Almega receives traffic and attention to their brand and their cause. The Licenses and Accreditations become a powerful communication tool. The text next to each blockchain-secured document can be updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest and most important information Almega wish to inform the public, as well as the license-holders about.

 Social Media Posts of a PT License and a School Accreditation