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The Swedish Association for Higher Vocational Education (YH) upgrade to secure Diplomas and Membership

A national association, devoted to the long-term development of the Vocational Colleges of Sweden


The Swedish Association of Vocational Colleges (Yrkeshögskoleförbundet – known as YHF) is a non-profit organization that works to promote education and the Colleges within Qualified Vocational Education. 

The association advocates on behalf of the educational providers; for more educational opportunities within Swedish Colleges, and, for the long-term development of Vocational higher education in the nation. 

Their work is coordinated by a board, with representation from schools across the country. All members are active educational providers, from both the private and public sectors.

The Association offer a Diploma Program developed in collaboration with the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (MYH), and with Colleges across Sweden. 

Raising the bar for Memberships and Diplomas

 In 2021, YHF decided to take the initiative with their market, and become more modern by offering blockchain-secured Diplomas for teachers, as well as Proof of Memberships for the roughly 300 training-providers which are members of the association. 

YHF partnered with TRUE to modernise their documentation, and create new value for the association

-The first goal was to save time and resources, which was achieved by the automated creation and issuance of diplomas and memberships.

-The second goal was to vizualize which schools are part of the association, to give them a way to showcase it in social media, and on their website. A proof of Membership was created, with an accompanied Badge.  (See the individualised Badge at the bottom of the text)

-The third goal was to give the teachers in the Diploma Program a modern, secure Diploma which was easy to use online, and couldn’t be lost, stolen or falsified. Below are som screenshots of documents shared on LinkedIn:

As a member of the Swedish Association of Vocational Colleges, you have access to a number of membership benefits, as well as their yearly forum and member-meetings. These are meetings where members come together for the greater good of the Swedish Vocational Colleges. At TRUE we are proud to support their work.

Example of individualised Badge, which educators can add to their website: