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Berit Friman, CEO at Dale Carnegie Training, Sweden

Please tell us briefly about yourself and what you do at Dale Carnegie.

As CEO, I am responsible for Dale Carnegie’s operations in Sweden.

What is the most exciting or new thing happening at this autumn/winter?

In addition to onboarding new salespeople, our Dale Carnegie trainers have deepened their leadership coaching to contribute even better to our customers’ results.

What were the biggest challenges in managing diplomas before TRUE?

It took the longest time to find people who had lost their diplomas. It’s smooth now. Everything is documented in a way that allows the people themselves to find their certificates, and if there is a typo, it’s easy for the individual receiving a diploma to update it, and for us to confirm the updated diploma.

Who was Dale Carnegie? 

Dale Carnegie was the first in the world to establish companies in leadership and communication training, and even today the educational programs are based on his methodology; which is about developing people.

Dale Carnegie understood that when we feel encouraged, motivated, confident and purposeful – well, then we change things around us. And we get the courage and the will to surpass ourselves. 

What can leaders look forward to?

An inspiring leadership training that contributes to professional, and personal development as well as lifelong learning. 

Out courses are designed for  those who want to become a braver and better managers, experts in building good relationships, as well as clear communicators. 

After the trainings you will look at yourself and your abilities in a new way, and you’ll be ready to take on greater responsibility by stepping outside your comfort zone and discover new opportunities.

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