"Before TRUE, issuing certificates and diplomas took a very long time and occupied a significant amount of space in our storage." - TRUE

“Before TRUE, issuing certificates and diplomas took a very long time and occupied a significant amount of space in our storage.”

Jouko, tell us briefly about yourself and your role at your school please:

My name is Jouko Juvonen, and I am the founder and CEO of Branschutbildarna Sverige AB.

My professional career began at Atlas Copco in 1974, where I trained as a welder and blacksmith. After working for a few years as a welder, I completely changed my career and underwent training in personal sales. Since 1989, I have run several of my own businesses with varying degrees of success.

From 2007 to 2009, I worked as a steel builder/blacksmith on various construction sites around Sweden. The high number of injuries and fatalities on Swedish construction sites was widely discussed in the media during that time. It was then that I got the idea to start a business that contributes to fewer people being injured or killed at work. That business is now Branschutbildarna Sverige AB.

Our mission is to deliver a course that improves the work environment and genuinely helps people. Over the years, we have trained tens of thousands in occupational safety, and I am 100% convinced that our skilled instructors have saved many from being injured or even killed in their workplaces.

What is the most exciting or new thing happening with you this winter?

Well, my motto is “what does not evolve dies,” so my focus has been to develop a company and team that strive to get better and better every day at what we do.

Tell us about your certificates and diplomas How did you handle them before TRUE?

We created all our certificates manually, i.e., typed a certificate for each participant and then saved it as a PDF file and emailed them. It took a very long time, and then it took up a lot of space in our storage. It was also difficult to find a certificate if a participant contacted us, for example, if they had lost it.

Another positive aspect is that the certificates are secured with blockchain, which gives our customers a sense of security. It’s also easy to look up a certificate for a participant, if they have, for example lost it. 
The support at TRUE is very helpful and quick. We are more than satisfied with the product and service.

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