"With TRUE, I don't rely on colleagues for design or administration. I handle everything with a few clicks" - TRUE

“With TRUE, I don’t rely on colleagues for design or administration. I handle everything with a few clicks”

Eva, tell us yourself and what you do at Employer Branding Academy!

My name is Eva Carlson, and I am the Product Owner for the Employer Branding Academy (EBA). EBA is a part of Universum and offers comprehensive digital course in Employer Branding, leading to certification. I work on both the product itself – its creation and updates – and with all individuals undergoing the training.

What were the biggest challenges in managing certificates before working with TRUE?

We had to create the diplomas manually based on an Illustrator template, save as PDF, and email them one by one. I depended on other colleagues who had the tools to do this for me, and between tasks, I needed to ask them to update names, resend, etc. It involved extra manual and turnaround time. More administrative work. With TRUE, I don’t need to depend on or wait for anything to create or update documents. With a few clicks, I can automatically generate all of them quickly, and if a participant wants to update their name on the diploma, for example, they can do it themselves.

What do you like most about the technology/management via TRUE?

It eliminates all the “fiddly work.” The template exists, and in cases where we need to change a logo or signature, we can choose from a drop-down. This way, we also avoid mistakes that can occur with the design/template when manually updating certain details.

Thanks Eva! What’s the most exciting or new thing happening with you this winter?

We have recently launched different formats for taking our course! Given the diverse interests of our audience regarding the theme of education, we want to offer alternatives depending on what is most valuable to them. For example, some prefer the flexibility of registering for the course whenever they want and taking it at their own pace. On the other hand, it’s important for some to have the opportunity to interact with instructors and other participants. Therefore, we also offer a scheduled format with “Group Calls” as part of the online course to teach and discuss the topics they learn. It will be exciting to receive feedback and understand the benefits they have experienced with each option!

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