EY Entrepreneur of the Year - the worlds most famous competition for entrepreneurs - TRUE

EY Entrepreneur of the Year – the worlds most famous competition for entrepreneurs

EY issues digital diplomas for EY Entrepreneur of the Year with a secure and verifiable solution from TRUE

For more than 30 years, EY has awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and the goal with the competition is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship as one of society’s most important building blocks.

Prior to this year’s edition of the competition, EY entered into a collaboration with tech-startup TRUE original documents, to create secure and verifiable routines for theses prestigious Diplomas and Awards.

– It feels like the right time to incorporate this technology, and it has contributed to our overall goal; to highlight innovative entrepreneurs and thereby increase the interest in entrepreneurship, which in turn can inspire future entrepreneurs, says Isabel Bergström Stacey, Engagement Program Lead at EY and Program Manager for EY Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden.

As the main person responsible for the project, Isabel has unique insight into both the risks and benefits of digital diplomacy, which was an important reason why she thought that TRUE’s service which allows for document verification sounded interesting.

– As this is one of the world’s largest competitions for entrepreneurship, a high level of trust is required for us as the issuing body, and for the diplomas we award. It has always been of the utmost importance that the diplomas we issue are reliable, says Bergström Stacey.

In Sweden alone, EY normally receives over 700 nominations, of which 120 go on to an in-depth evaluation to see if they will enter the competition. The group is recognized for its success, which means 14-15 diplomas per region in Sweden. Those who become finalists in each regional competition or winners in a specific category will later receive unique awards for this as well.

– “Those who ultimately stand as national winners at the gala in Stockholm City Hall go on to the international world finals in Monte Carlo, where they compete against individuals in other countries that are linked to the program. It is a unique opportunity to be recognized and to be part of a huge network of entrepreneurs from all over the world”, says Bergström Stacey.

Isabel Bergström Stacey
Isabel Bergström Stacey – EY

The Diplomas are always available with TRUE

Diplomas awarded along the way are a valuable proof of the individual’s journey and success, as well as the organisation they represent. Most people want the opportunity to share the diplomas on their different social plattforms. A traditional diploma does not work as well – and a photo or a scanned diploma also risks being copied or outright forged.

However, it is not the increased security or even the traffic that stands out as most valuable when Isabel discusses EY’s collaboration with TRUE. Instead, she emphasizes exemplary customer service, which has always been available to provide support and to come up with initiatives and ideas.

– “The project takes hundreds of hours annually and all support means a lot. It has saved a lot of time both for me and my colleagues. Since we issue a large number of diplomas, this will also be a much more environmentally friendly solution”, concludes Isabel Bergström Stacey.