"I believe the value of secure documents will increase in the future." - TRUE

“I believe the value of secure documents will increase in the future.”

We spoke with Andreas Degerfeldt, Företagsekonomiska Institutet (FEI), a well established and known provider of business education in Sweden.


Please tell us briefly about yourself and what you do at FEI.

I am the Quality and Development Manager for our publicly funded educational programs. I am also the project leader for the planning and implementation of our short courses within the vocational college.

What’s the most exciting or new thing happening at your company this autumn/winter?

It’s very exciting that we are starting the fall with fully enrolled classes in the vocational college. Both regular classes and YH-Flex are completely full with several reserves ready. Another piece of news is the short courses I am currently working on, specifically designed for those already in the workforce. It’s a new offering at FEI, but it’s the second year it’s available within the vocational college. My future outlook is that it will be a growing part of our vocational education offerings and, to some extent, challenge traditional profession-oriented education financed through other means.

How did you handle diplomas before working with TRUE? 

Before our collaboration with True, we physically issued all graduation certificates and had to spend a lot of time scanning them to provide students and the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education with digital copies. 
We received frequent requests for general study certificates, which we now issue with just a few clicks to everyone starting a program at FEI. This has saved us a lot of time.

What do you like about the technology of blockchain secured diplomas?

Above all, it’s the security. I believe the value of secure documents will increase in the future.
Anything that can streamline our operations is also very important for us to focus more on our core business.

More than 2000 professionals study at FEI each year. A majority of our students are sponsored by their employers. If you are considering an education in business, you can reach them at FEI.se

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