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Hbtqi-certified; “for workplaces on the forefront”

Being able to be yourself should be a given for everyone, but unfortunately, the reality looks different. An hbtqi certification is a way to change that by increasing your knowledge, improving your work environment, and at the same time ensuring better treatment of your target groups. It’s about human rights in everyday life.

We talked to Alex Apelman, Operations Manager at RFSL Education.

Tell us about yourself and what you do at RFLS.

I work as an operations manager at RFSL Education, which means I have the daily operational responsibility for our activities. I meet many of our clients in sales meetings, write contracts, and schedule trainers for our various training programs.

How did you handle certificates before TRUE?

Our LGBTQI-certified organizations received a PDF. I had been looking for a service like yours for a long time because I wanted to ensure the proper socument management of them. We has problems leeping track of which organizations had received a certificate, how long they were valid.

Whats the difference today?

It’s very easy to send out multiple certificates at once, see if the recipient has opened their email, track how many people have viewed the certificate, and how many have downloaded it. They also look better now

What’s the most exciting or new thing happening at RFSL this autumn/winter?

This fall, we are primarily focused on delivering all the scheduled training sessions. Fall is our most intense period. Our educators are out giving lectures 3-4 days a week all around the country.

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