“Our participants become ambassadors for us and our programs” - TRUE

“Our participants become ambassadors for us and our programs”


Anna, tell us about yourself and what you do at NyTeknik Education.

I am Anna Sidén, and I work as product developer and project manager at NyTeknik Education. We are the education division of NyTeknik Group and, together with experts we develop educational concepts for professional target groups.


What is the most exciting or new thing happening with you this winter?

Since we are constantly developing new courses in current subjects, there is a lot of excitement in the portfolio. However, if I were to mention something specific, we are currently working on new courses in information security, security legislation, and export control. These are highly relevant topics given the developments with conflicts in our neighboring regions and the new conditions we face with the increased defense capabilities the country needs to build up. We are also working on events, and one planned for December is a full-day conference on Industrial AI.


About your certificates and diplomas; How did you handle them before TRUE?

We usually issued printed course certificates and diplomas that were distributed physically in the classroom or as PDFs that participants could download after completing the course, especially for our pre-recorded courses. it was more of an administrative task to check off rather than something useful. And there wasn’t really a good way for us to leverage our customers/participants to increase our visibility beyond occasional quotes in marketing.


What do you like most about the new technology offered by TRUE?

The simplicity. It only takes a minute to issue new certificates and diplomas, and we can track which participants actually use their certificates to be visible. They become ambassadors for us and our products.

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