"No chain is stronger than its weakest link" - TRUE

“No chain is stronger than its weakest link”

We spoke to Matti, CEO and Founder of One More secure. Matti has had a long career within technology, supply chain and security.

Matti, please tell us briefly about yourself and your company.

My name is Matti Olofsson, and I am the founder and CEO of OneMore Secure. We are a Swedish SaaS company that offers a service for organizations to gain control over their cyber hygiene and secure their supply chain.

What’s the most exciting or new thing happening at your company this winter?

We launched our service in early 2023, and the market reception has been fantastic. Moreover, in 2024, there will be legal requirements for maintaining cyber hygiene and securing the supply chain. Many companies and organizations have started to adapt to comply with the law during this fall/winter.

Briefly about your certificates, how are they used?

All our customers receive a diploma/certificate demonstrating their control over cyber hygiene, and we have been issuing these through TRUE since the start of our service. As a cybersecurity company, it’s natural for us to work with blockchain-secured certificates. TRUE give our certificates security, confidence, trust, and they have great support.

If your organisation are looking to secure their supply chain to better withstand outside threats, you can find One More Secure here: https://www.onemoresecure.se/en-gb/

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