"Scandic hotel’s decision to certify all hotels in Sweden feels both exciting and honorable" - TRUE

“Scandic hotel’s decision to certify all hotels in Sweden feels both exciting and honorable”

Please tell us about yourself and what you do at your Safe Hotels.

I’m Joachim Törngård. After 17 years in the Swedish Armed Forces as an Officer and Chief Legal Officer for Security Units, and 10 years at the Volvo Group, serving as the Security Manager for Volvo Aero and as Deputy Group Security Manager, I was contacted by Safehotels to introduce their standard for hotel security. After carefully listening to their description of the product’s quality and integrity, as well as the competence and experience of Safehotels auditors, I was impressed. So impressed that, 6 months later, I took on the role of CEO for Safehotels.

What is the most exciting or new development happening at your company this fall/winter?

Oh, there’s so much happening right now. The fact that Scandic is going “all in” and certifying all its hotels in Sweden feels both exciting, honorable, and challenging. Additionally, I think about Accor, which is taking a step forward by deciding to have even more of its hotels, especially in Africa and the Middle East, be “Safehotels Certified.” At the same time, we are about to start certifying one of the world’s most exclusive hotel chains. What it’s called will be revealed a bit later…

Your certificates and credentials; How did you handle them before TRUE?

We sent our certificates to all customers worldwide by registered mail and digitally through a simple PDF via email. Now, we still send our physical certificates, but we also share the digital certificate more easily and securely through TRUE.

It used to be difficult to ensure that the certificates hotels advertise are authentic. There were also challenges in retracting certificates that were no longer valid or proving that a certificate was not genuine. Now its simple.

Today our certificates are issued smoothly, simple, professionally and last but not least; the certificates look great.

Read more about Safe Hotels here: https://safehotels.com

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