"We have three exciting new programs that have just started: Customs Specialist, Growth Marketing, and Content Marketing." - TRUE

“We have three exciting new programs that have just started: Customs Specialist, Growth Marketing, and Content Marketing.”

Please tell us about yourself and what you do at SIH (Stockholm International Business School)

Hi! My name is Isabella Larsson, and I am part of SIH, a Vocational University offering a variety of programs. Our focus areas include economics, sustainability, and safety. I serve as the Education Manager, responsible for overseeing and managing some of our educational programs. I follow our students from their first day with us until they graduate, and it’s truly rewarding to support and guide them on their educational journey.

What is the most exciting or new thing happening this winter at SIH?

We are launching three exciting new programs: Customs Specialist, Growth Marketing, and Content Marketing. It will be fascinating to follow our students and see how they develop in these areas. Additionally, we will be hosting several sessions of our certification program to become a certified security manager. The best part is that these programs will now be available in both Stockholm and Malmö.

Briefly about your certificates and diplomas; How did you handle them before TRUE?

Our handling of certificates and diplomas before TRUE was a bit outdated and required a significant amount of administrative time. The process involved many printouts and required issuers to be physically present to distribute the certificates. This was particularly time-consuming given the variety of programs and the number of students needing their certificates. With TRUE, we have significantly streamlined and modernized this process.

Previously, we faced several challenges in managing graduation diplomas. One of them was being limited to issuing paper-based graduation certificates on-site. This restricted our ability to act quickly. For example, if a student completed their education and needed their graduation certificate issued, the process was time-consuming. We had to coordinate the presence of a management representative on-site, sometimes causing the student to wait a long time for their certificate. Now, we can handle everything digitally, leading to a much smoother and faster experience for our students.

What do you like most about the technology offered by TRUE?
I appreciate the ability to gather all our different certificates and proofs in one place. It saves time and allows us to use ready-made templates tailored to each type of certificate we need to issue. I also feel secure knowing that our documents are secured with blockchain technology, making them more resistant to forgery.
Thank you very much Isabella!

Read more about SIH here: https://sih.se/

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