Universum automatically distributes over 10,000 Diplomas per year with TRUE - TRUE

Universum automatically distributes over 10,000 Diplomas per year with TRUE

Universum, a world-leader within Employer Branding

For over 30 years, Universum has been a trusted partner of many of the world’s best-known employers.

As a result, their data, insights and guidance have shaped Employer Branding and assisted companies from around the globe in their efforts to attract, recruit, and retain the right talent.

Every year, Universum surveys over 1 million students in the world’s 9 largest economies (Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, the UK, as well as other markets, in an effort to identify the Brand Status of the Worlds Most Attractive Employers.

The top companies in each market are ranked and issued a proof of their ranking in the form of a Diploma and Badge. In 2022, companies such as Google, Facebook, Tesla, Spotify where represented at the top in several markets.

The implementation of TRUE original documents for Diplomas and Badges

From 2020 when Universum upgraded to TRUE, they have automatically created, distributed and stored over 10,000 diplomas and badges yearly.

The diplomas are used by employers worldwide, as a stamp of quality in regards to Employer Branding; specifically -to showcase that a company that they are an attractive workplace for young employees.

“We launched our work with TRUE for our sister company; Employer Branding Academy and quickly saw the possibilities. We’ve now implemented TRUE across the board and issue all Diplomas and Badges in 40 countries for Universum, as well. TRUE’s solution is unique, and flexible enough to help anyone. This new technology has fundamentally changed my view of what a document actually is.”
Petter Granqvist, Global Brand Manager, Universum

Tracking the Value of Diplomas and Badges

Over the past year, Universum has been using cookies and deeper analytics to track clicks and views on their diplomas, in an effort to better understand the buying behaviors of their new clients. The results have been impressive, as the Marketing department has been able to track and show that nearly 30 new deals in 2022 were influenced by visits the Diplomas issued via TRUE.

This was never possible previously, when diplomas were issued using simple PDFs. But today, the buyer-journey can be traced and the deals in question could all be verified as influenced by the diplomas and badges as the decision-makers could be seen visiting several diploma-pages before, and after, scheduled meetings with Universum representatives.

The total value of these new deals is worth several million SEK. While Universum were initially happy by having an automated process for Diplomas, as well as more security around the process, this new finding; the ability to track the Diplomas to New Business worth around 4M SEK , makes the upgrade to TRUE valuable to a new extent.