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Memberships & Affiliations

Organisations use TRUE to issue blockchain-secure Memberships & Credentials which help visualize affiliations.

Create Transparency.
Generate Organic Traffic.
Build Trust.

Organisations use TRUE to issue secure Proof of Memberships and other Credentials which create new value in the form of traffic, attention and branding.

Before TRUE, Memberships would be stored on a hard-drive or in a binder. Now, these official proofs can be showcased in the form of a Diploma or a Badge online, which help visualize the affiliation and generate a ton of new traffic, as well as business intelligence. 

Now, organisations can see exactly which member-association is most active, how they drive traffic, and much more. 

Trusted By

National Associations, Sporting Clubs, Trade Associations, Employer Organizations, Certifying Bodies, Professional Networks

Features to Love

Here is what associations say they find especially valuable about TRUE.


When issuing memberships and other credentials with TRUE's technology, you create a secure digital bonds with the associated organisations in your network.
This digital link become a powerful tool for organic traffic from Google, Linkedin, Facebook and the websites of connected organisations.
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To minimise the need to change workflows TRUE has integrated with leading CMS, LMS, and CRM's , and we continue to connect with more.

Organisations also connect directly to TRUE API, you can find documentation for your developers here:

Case Studies

What does your organisation stand to gain from working with TRUE?

Become more efficient, increase traffic & insights, and build trust, by upgrading to a modern documentation which is loved by recipients.

Save Time &
Valuable Resources

No one wants to manually create, issue and store Diplomas, Certificates or Transcripts. These tasks are best performed by computers.

Gain New Organic
Traffic & Insights

For the first time ever, organisations can understand when, where and how Diplomas and other Credentials are being used and validated.

Complete Security
Builds Trust

To know that every diploma, certificate and transcript is secure and verifiable creates a whole new level of trust for your school, company or institution.

Beautifully Animated
Always Accessible

There is no other platform on the market which will allow you brand to stand out in the way that TRUE does.

Increase traffic using secure documents

Create new organic traffic and business intel by upgrading to modern, blockchain-secured documentation

There has never been a better way to automatically create, issue and store your official documents. Make them TRUE originals.

Perfect for your Diplomas, Certificates, Awards, Licenses, Accreditations, Transcripts, and all other Credentials. Get started in days.

Yes - it's TRUE!

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