Interview with Frida Palmgren - Managing director at STF and BFAB

Interview with Frida Palmgren – Managing Director at STF Ingenjörsutbildning and BFAB

The digital tools from TRUE have greatly improved STF & BFAB Diploma Programs regarding administration, security, and most importantly the participant experience.

”Quality is our hallmark. And the Accreditation from Almega (Sweden’s leading Employer Organization) is proof that we have our processes in place to ensure that quality” -says Frida Palmgren, Managing Director of STF Ingenjörsutbildning and BFAB.

What is your background Frida?

– Today I am the MD of STF Ingenjörsutbildning and BFAB, which is part of the Fasticon Group. Before that, I have about fifteen years as a business-oriented HR manager in Real estate and Facility Management Industries.

–  I have an educational background from several areas e.g., a Master’s degree in Education as well as an Executive Education in Business Administration and Financial Management.

What is the driving force in your professional life?

– To constantly move forward. I enjoy ending up in new contexts, navigating in complex situations, trying to understand what is important to create value for others.

– I have a strong knowledge intense driving force combined with the fact that I think it is great fun to achieve goals together with my team or with a customer – that is huge motivation for me!

What does STF Ingenjörsutbildning and BFAB do?

– We offer continuous learning for professionals in the civil engineering sector, from electricity production, distribution, installation as well as administration. However, I would venture to say that we are not only suppliers of education, but also a significant player in driving the development in our respective subject matter areas and industries.

STF Ingenjörsutbildning and BFAB offer Diplomas Programs within Engineering. Their Accreditation from Almega was issued using TRUE Original Documents.

What kind of services and educations do you offer?

– We offer a wide range from open course to unique solutions and concepts at the customers’ sites. We provide cutting edge digital formats as well as individual training programs. We also offer some of the market’s most distinguished Diploma Programs.

Why is Accreditation from Almega so important for STF and BFAB?

– Quality is our hallmark. We are considered best in class by many with established work processes, high NPS and recurring customers. The Accreditation is proof of the premium quality educations we deliver.

What do you think about the future of the education industry?

– Continuous learning has never been higher up on the agenda and it is necessary for organizational competitiveness, both today and in the future.  Updated professional competence, regardless of whether it concerns repetitive requirements knowledge or in-depth understanding within a subject matter area, will continue to be in high demand – and that need for continues learning will not decrease – on the contrary. Organizations that can offer employees valuable educational content delivered in smart formats will have a bright future.

What is your opinion of the collaboration with TRUE Original Documents?

A major part of our strategy at STF and BFAB is to be at the forefront of the education industry, and to constantly strive for improvement. We focus on our core business and therefore seek to work with high-level partners to support our processes. The digital tools from TRUE have greatly improved our Diploma Programs regarding administration, security, and most importantly the participant experience.

STF Ingenjörsutbildning and BFAB use TRUE Original Documents to issue blockchain-secured Certificates and Diplomas.