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Case studies: Certification & Accreditations​

4 parks, 1000’s of employees, and 10’s of thousands Diplomas & Certificates

We spoke to Alexandra Olsson, Education Manager at Parks & Resorts, Sweden’s largest operator of Amusement Parks TRUE allow us at Parks & Resorts to offer all employees Certificates for the training they undergo, as well as Diplomas for the

Sweden’s first verifiable certificates for the Beauty Industry; helping patients feel safe

A new law went into affect in Sweden In July of 2021. The new law regulates who may perform various types of cosmetic procedures. The Inspectorate for Health and Wellness, Ivo, is the authority that has supervisory responsibility over companies

Attention worth well over $25,000 -by upgrading to secure digital Certificates

Styrelseakademien, established in 1991, is an independent non-profit association that has become Sweden’s leading platform for the professional development of owners, board members, and corporate executives. With over 8,000 members, Styrelseakademien is the second-largest board institute in Europe, fostering a

Safe Cert Group adds new security into their Certification Programme with TRUE original​

Safe Cert Group have increased the level of security with certificates which are impossible to lose, destroy or falsify. … Read More

Evaluating Blockchain & Web3 for Business, and Government use

TRUE has helped institutions, corporations and government agencies start using -and evaluating blockchain, by integrating our custom platform for blockchain-secured official documents. This Case digs deeper into a public project which led to a Government assignment for Bolagsverket (the Swedish

Friskvårdsföretagen Almega – Working to improve an entire nations Health & Wellness industry

Almega – Swedens largest Employer Organisation For over 100 years, Almega have helped to create sustainable conditions in hundreds of industries in Sweden. Today, they represent over 11,000 companies in about 60 industries that employ over half a million employees.