Digital Product Passports – get started with TRUE

Decades of discussions on sustainability are now being put into action with the European Union’s new push for complete product transparency: the Digital Product Passport. For years, people, governments, and industry leaders have talked about moving away from the traditional

“AI will make it very difficult for us to know what is genuine”

Security and authenticity are important for the future – especially considering AI development. … Read More

TRUE guide; Understanding and Combatting Document Fraud

The world’s increasing reliance on digital processes has streamlined application procedures, benefiting applicants, underwriters and witnesses. However, this convenience has also provided opportunities for criminals to exploit the system through the use of counterfeit or manipulated documents, resulting in substantial

Trends in Learning & Development

5 trends to keep you relevant in Learning & Development

Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate right now, with immersive learning opportunities within the Metaverse, Blockchain, AI and Nanolearning. These 5 disciplines will help you stay competitive in the quick-paced educational environment, and we think they’ll continue to change

How do you know if a CV is trustworthy?

Fake business resumes has become a billion dollar industry. … Read More

Interview with Frida Palmgren – Managing Director at STF Ingenjörsutbildning and BFAB

The digital tools from TRUE have greatly improved STF & BFAB Diploma Programs regarding administration, security, and most importantly the participant experience. … Read More

Nackademin – 1st in the Nation to offer Blockchain secure Diplomas, Transcripts and course Certificates

Nackademin College embraces blockchain – offers secure & verifiable diplomas Article originally appeared in (in Swedish) The Swedish College Nackademin has, by help of TRUE become the first school in the nation to issue blockchain-secured diplomas and transcripts. “-We

The Swedish Association for Higher Vocational Education (YH) upgrade to secure Diplomas and Membership

A national association, devoted to the long-term development of the Vocational Colleges of Sweden   The Swedish Association of Vocational Colleges (Yrkeshögskoleförbundet – known as YHF) is a non-profit organization that works to promote education and the Colleges within Qualified