Trends in Learning & Development

5 trends to keep you relevant in Learning & Development

Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate right now, with immersive learning opportunities within the Metaverse, Blockchain, AI and Nanolearning. These 5 disciplines will help you stay competitive in the quick-paced educational environment, and we think they’ll continue to change

How do you know if a CV is trustworthy?

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Interview with Frida Palmgren – Managing Director at STF Ingenjörsutbildning and BFAB

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The Swedish Association for Higher Vocational Education (YH) upgrade to secure Diplomas and Membership

A national association, devoted to the long-term development of the Vocational Colleges of Sweden   The Swedish Association of Vocational Colleges (Yrkeshögskoleförbundet – known as YHF) is a non-profit organization that works to promote education and the Colleges within Qualified