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Blockchain secured Credentials; Certificates, Diplomas, Awards, Memberships, Licenses, Badges.

Increase Productivity, Gain Attention, and Build Trust,
by upgrading from Paper and Pdf, to TRUE.


Blockchain secured Credentials; Certificates, Diplomas, Awards, Memberships, Badges.

Increase Productivity, Gain Attention, and Build Trust, 
by upgrading from Paper and Pdf, to TRUE original documents.



TRUE is used by Startups, Non-Profits, Fortune 500 Corporations & Government Organizations


The number of discovered falsified documents rises exponentially every year.

Fraudulent Documentation is a 7B dollar Industry, just within Education

According to Forbes (Feb 2023), there’s a vastly growing ‘Diploma mill’-industry, which sells $7 Billion of fraudulent diplomas and transcriptson a yearly basis.

The Education industry is just one of the many affected. Others include Compliance, Governance, Banking and Luxury Goods. Experts believe that recent technological advancements, including AI, will make the problem multiply in coming years, and very few industries are safe from it.
Contact us to find out how to protect your organisation.

Fake Credentials - a 7B Dollar Industry, just within Education

According to Forbes (Feb 2023), there’s an old, but now vastly growing ‘diploma mill’-industry, which sells an estimated $7 billion fraudulent diplomas and transcripts, yearly worldwide. 

The Education industry is just one of the many affected. Others include Compliance, Governance, Banking and Luxury Goods. It’s estimated that with AI and other recent technological advancements the problem will multiply in coming years. Contact us to find out how to protect your organisation.

Our clients get their money back from the increase in traffic alone

We help organisations succeed by issuing documents that are shared often –turning excitement and pride into website-visitors.

TRUE has helped companies generate traffic worth 100k USD in 6 months. That’s a successful example, but all our clients see an increase in web-traffic.


Discover how a switch to TRUE original documents add real & traceable value for YOUR organisation.


Paper-documents and PDF’s are easily falsified, while TRUE documents are secured in blockchain, making them virtually impossible to forge. Verify a TRUE document anywhere, at any time -in digital form, as well as when downloaded and printed.


Forget calls about replacements documents. TRUE documents (and badges) cannot be lost or destroyed. They are easily displayed on a webpage or shared on Social Media, driving traffic and business intel to the Issuer.


Minimize, or remove administration all together. With TRUE, you can generate, distribute and store your secure documents automatically. Send them from your own emailadress, with your message, without fail.


Want to look better than all your competitors? The design-possibilities with TRUE are virtually endless. Animate your documents for an exciting and modern look that stands out - and are loved by Recipients.


Every time a Recipient share a document - a Certificate, Diploma, Award or License, they create value in form of traffic, statistics and brand-awareness.
It's the closest thing to word-of-mouth-marketing on the web. Update your business info in multiple languages to make your documents a powerful tool for SEO.


Minimize the use of paper, ink and envelopes. No more snail-mail and stamps. TRUE work with eco-friendly blockchains.


Get ahead of competition by issuing beautiful, and completely secure original documents, which are loved by recipients and shared often.

Press play to discover how to save Time, gain Traffic and build Trust.


TRUE is used by Universities, Non-Profits, Compliance, Survey, Government, Healthcare, Media, Security, Banking and more. See use-cases below.

Certifications & Accreditations

Perfect for compliance. Certify People, Companies, Materials, Processes, Products and more.​ TRUE certificates and badges can be displayed on websites, in email signatures, or printed and hung on a wall. Read about our work with the Swedish Anti-Theft Association (SSF) here.

Education & Training

From University Degrees and Transcripts, to internal training programs; educators of all sizes use TRUE to issue Diplomas, Certificates and Badges which are secure, stylish and smart; plus drive a ton of traffic to the institutions and companies issuing them. Read about our work with the College NACKADEMIN here.


Recognize those who contribute to your cause, and turn pride into increased traffic and attention. This is one of our favorite type of projects! We love helping a great cause and create shareable moments for those who contribute. Read about UN Women & Ukraine here.

Awards & Honors​

Recognize valuable employees and partners by issuing official Awards. ​ Recognitions are often used by HR as well as Learning & Development professionals in large organisations, while Rankings & Awards are often issued by companies in Media, Survey, Entertainment, and Sports industries. Read about our work with EY Entrepreneur of the Year here.


State organisations use TRUE to Accredit Schools and other businesses. They Licence individuals and corporations; and generate lots of important documents which are used for compliance and as official credentials. Read about our work with the Swedish Corporate Registration Office here.

Health & Wellness

TRUE's clients certify Hospitals, Safety Standards as well as individuals who meet proficiencies as clinicians or Personal Trainers, to name just some of the use cases. TRUE's technology is also used to certify that buildings and materials are eco-friendly and meet other official standards set by national authorities. Read about our work with Almega Friskvårdsföretagen here.


Proofs of membership issued with TRUE give your organisation new tools to create awareness for the affiliation -and your organisation as a whole. Each membership can be accompanies with a Badge/Emblem/Sigil which can be used by the member-organisation to showcase the affiliation, in an email signature or on a webpage. Badges issued with TRUE are original and linked to the documents-proof and drive a ton of traffic to your web. Read a Case Study about our Membership work with SSF here.

Authenticity + Ownership

Luxury goods can be issued with a proof of authenticity and linked to the buyer (owner). This is a way for your organisations to stand out, and for the buyer to get a proof of ownership which cannot be lost, stolen or falsified. When the item is sold, the ownership can be transfered using an email adress of the new owner -which gives the issuing company knowledge about the new owner in a way that has never been tracked before. Contact us to learn more about blockchain secured proof of authenticity connected with ownership. (We have a non-disclosure agreement with our current customers and can not show the work we have done in this area.)


As processes and actions are being deployed around the world to avoid the depletion of natural resources, there are many companies riding on a green wave -claiming to be sustainable when in fact they are not. We work with Sweden's largest environmental organization and understand the challenges. If you operate within this sector and wish to award people or organisations with a verifiable proof of work, wether it is environmental, social or economic sustainability, TRUE has great solutions available. Read an article about our CSR work originally published in




Giva Sverige is an organization based in Sweden that works to promote and support philanthropy throughout the nation. Their mission is to increase the level of private giving, as well as engagement, in charitable activities in Sweden. Giva Sverige acts

Increase traffic using secure documents

A new document standard

Move your company away from PDF’s and paper-documents which are easy to loose, destroy and falsify. TRUE original documents are always available, always secure, and drive valuable traffic + statistics.

Add real value to your official Diplomas, Certificates, Awards, Badges and other Credentials -by generating your documents with TRUE. We can get you started in a matter of days.

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