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”I work as a system manager, focusing on the streamlining of processes, and ensuring high quality”

Hi, please tell us about yourself and your role! I’m Ann-Louise Rubin, and I work at TUC College as the system manager, which involves, among other things, working on the streamlining of manual processes, seeking various integration solutions to facilitate

“TRUE’s diplomas have been crucial for us, and for our students”

Hi Erik. whats your role at Vinkällan? Hi, I’m the principal at Vinkällan Beverage Education, the largest sommelier training institute in the Nordic region. I am responsible for our course offerings and the development of our wine courses, wine tastings,

Jenny Sundborg, National Coordinator at the Vocational College Association in Sweden

Jenny, what’s your role at the National Association for Vocational Collages? I work as the National Coordinator for the organization, essentially managing the organisation. What is the most exciting or new thing happening with your organization this fall/winter? Every year

“We have three exciting new programs that have just started: Customs Specialist, Growth Marketing, and Content Marketing.”

Please tell us about yourself and what you do at SIH (Stockholm International Business School) Hi! My name is Isabella Larsson, and I am part of SIH, a Vocational University offering a variety of programs. Our focus areas include economics,

“Before TRUE, issuing certificates and diplomas took a very long time and occupied a significant amount of space in our storage.”

Jouko, tell us briefly about yourself and your role at your school please: My name is Jouko Juvonen, and I am the founder and CEO of Branschutbildarna Sverige AB. My professional career began at Atlas Copco in 1974, where I

“This winter, we launch new certification trainings for safety representatives. Participants will receive certificates via TRUE”

We talked with Jonas Gustafsson, Education Manager, Arbetsmiljöforum by Metodicum I work at Arbetsmiljöforum/Metodicum. I develop and organize everything related to our occupational health and safety training, approximately 15 courses in total. We educate over 4,000 people every year. Whats

“I love that TRUE is always responsive, quick, and updated with the latest technological developments.”

Please briefly tell us about yourself and what you do at your company. I am the founder of Distanslära and also handle the day-to-day operations related to the courses. This includes everything from answering questions to issuing certificates when a

“I really like the efficiency of TRUE, it relieves our staff of tedious work”

Ali, tell us a little about yourself and what you do at your YA Academy. My name is Ali Feizabadi, and I work as the IT Development Manager at YH Akademin. I am responsible for digitization and IT development, as

“Our participants become ambassadors for us and our programs”

  Anna, tell us about yourself and what you do at NyTeknik Education. I am Anna Sidén, and I work as product developer and project manager at NyTeknik Education. We are the education division of NyTeknik Group and, together with

We had a fun talk with Christopher Bernestrå, Efficiency Consultant at Effektiv Nu

Tell us about yourself and what you do at Effektiv Nu: I have a background in engineering and love to optimize and curiously bring about change in symbiosis with people and technology. At Effektiv Nu, I am the Development Manager