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Activate Ambassador Marketing using TRUE digital credentials

‘Ambassador Marketing’ is sometimes referred to as ‘Influencer Marketing’ or ‘Brand Advocacy’. It is a marketing strategy where individuals promote a company’s products or services to their audience. It’s a risky business with lots of potential pitfalls, but at TRUE

Attention worth well over $25,000 -by upgrading to secure digital Certificates

Styrelseakademien, established in 1991, is an independent non-profit association that has become Sweden’s leading platform for the professional development of owners, board members, and corporate executives. With over 8,000 members, Styrelseakademien is the second-largest board institute in Europe, fostering a

Corporate fraud infiltrate companies of all sizes. Are you next?

Corporate fraud is growing into a multi-billion dollar problem. Half of all companies experience fraud, ranging from document fraud to phishing attacks. The problem is here, and expected to grow. Here’s what you need to know, and how to avoid

Paper, PDF or TRUE original documents?

TRUE original documents are much secure and reliable document than PDF’s or printed papers could ever be. … Read More

TRUE’s technology is used by Berghs School of Communication, IHM Business School and Stockholm School of Economics.

TRUE enables Sustainability, Education and Trusted Partnerships, by generating Documents of the Future

(Originally posted in TechSverige.se).
TRUE’s technology is used by Berghs School of Communication, IHM Business School, Stockholm School of Economics, Naturskyddsföreningen and many others. … Read More

How do you know if a CV is trustworthy?

Fake business resumes has become a billion dollar industry. … Read More

What is an API – and how can it be utilized for secure digital documents?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a secure, documented connection to a software system. API’s allows a specific system in one organization to be connected to other systems, platforms and organizations. What can be accomplished using an API? API’s let

WebAppMarket – a Software Review of TRUE original documents

A Software Review of TRUE original documents, by WebAppMarket … Read More

Patrik Slettman, important documents, Forbes

Six Reasons To Digitize Important Documents – as seen in Forbes

Six Reasons To Digitize Important Documents – making them TRUE Original … Read More

What if Zuckerberg cared as much about what is real and true, as he does about creating a Metaverse?

(Originally posted in Resumé.se – Swedish Press) “The better these global giants becomes at creating alternate realities and enable users to create virtual worlds, the easier it becomes to falsify, distort or even lie online. Already, things we take for