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What are TRUE digital badges, and how are they best utilized?

TRUE’s technology for secure documents and badges are used by institutions, companies and associations.

A digital badge is an online representation of a skill or achievement that has been earned by an individual, or an organisation.

A badge typically includes information about the type of skill or achievement, as well as the organization that issued the badge.

In TRUE’s case, we link the badges to an official document, for example a Certificate, or Credential of some kind. This link makes it much easier to explain the value and reason behind a Badge since the official document-page has much more space to utilize.

We strive to always make every achievement as transparent and easy to understand as possible. TRUE-badges can be automatically generated with a Recipients name on them (no other credentialing system offer this), which is incredibly useful for Memberships, Licenses, Awards and Diplomas.
Here is one example from the Swedish Association of Vocational Colleges (YHF). The Badge is given to Hyper Island college.

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TRUE link Badges to official documents so that all information on the digital document is blockchain-secured. The information on the documents can never be altered after it has been issued, and this makes both the Badge and the document (certificate, diploma, credential) verifiable at any time. As such they are naturally more secure, valuable and trusted.

TRUE-badges can be automatically generated using high -resolution images or even .gif’s, for those who wish to create moving Badges which stand out. See this example below from RFSL:

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Digital badges are often used in professional capacities to recognize education and demonstrate skills and knowledge to employers, and badges are easily displayed on websites, in resumes, and on social media profiles, usually on LinkedIn.

Others use them to highlight trusted Vendors, Advisors and Partners, and they are frequently issued to show work of compliance and other accreditations.

This video shows how to use a TRUE digital Badge or Emblem:

Official badges sets organisations apart. It signals both high standards as well as a great care about a Brand. These standards make others more inclined to seek association, collaborations and more.

A digital badge showcased on Cellmark’s website, a recipient of the Great Place To Work -Certificate.

Displaying digital badges on a website, or on social media profiles provide a number of valuable benefits

Verification of skills and achievements

TRUE badges are linked to blockchain-secured documents making them extremely trustworthy and secure. They easily serve as a way to verify that an individual has completed a certain course, training, or certification program and has the skills and knowledge associated with it.

Increased visibility

By displaying digital badges on a website or social media profile, Recipients can make their skills and achievements more visible to potential employers, clients, or customers.

Professional development

Digital badges can serve as a way to document and demonstrate ongoing professional development, which can be attractive to employers looking for employees who are committed to staying current in their field.


Digital badges can serve as a way to motivate others to complete courses, training programs, and other achievements, as they provide a tangible reward for their efforts.


Connect with other professionals in a particular field or profession by sharing a badge, as individuals recognize that they have similar interests, background or vision for their professional life.

Credibility and Trust

Digital badges can serve as a way to establish credibility with others, as they demonstrate that the Recipients have met certain standards and have the skills and knowledge to back it up.

Organisation and Security

An Institution, association or company which issues official badges obviously cares about the knowledge or achievements needed to be associated with the organisation. As such it will be much more difficult for scammers and those who might attempt to pretend to have the same knowledge or standards.